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How to get rid of unpleasant odors in shoes

How to get rid of unpleasant odors in shoes

Unpleasant smell of shoes or householdslippers able to spoil your mood and poison the lives of others. Bad odor from shoes says that your feet do not "breathe" in the shoes, as well as evidence of the multiplication of fungi and bacteria.

To cope with this problem, promptly take care of your shoes.



Reason odor - this bacterium, andheat and moisture - an ideal environment for their reproduction. The longer you wear shoes without removing the more bacteria in your shoes. So often ventilate and dry your shoes always. It is recommended to buy special shoes Electric driers and process water-repellent agents in rainy weather.


Use replaceable insoles made of naturalmaterials. Most wash and treat them with special cleaning agents. It is recommended to have at least two pairs of shoes for every day, to wear them alternately.


Wash your feet every day, rough washcloth,use a special grater for feet, to remove rough, dry skin feet. In the mornings, treat deodorant, cream or powder from sweating feet. Every day, change your socks. Promptly treat foot fungus.


The smell in the shoes of a variety of special helpShoe disinfectants and aerosol deodorants. You can use plain hydrogen peroxide, wipe the inside of shoes or even pour it inside for complete disinfection. Another effective option - freezing. Put the shoes on a night in the freezer, wrapped in a plastic bag.

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