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How to get rid of the smell of paint in the apartment

How to get rid of the smell of paint in the apartment

Almost none of the repair is complete without paint or varnish. Unpleasant smell weathered ethyl alcohol can bring not only discomfort but also serious health problems households.

In such cases, immediately after the repair should be taken to eliminate the unpleasant smell of paint.

Ammonia and vinegar

After drying paint or varnish layer is necessaryuse of ammonia or vinegar solution. To do this, a tablespoon of the selected funds should be diluted in 5 liters of warm water and effortlessly handle the painted surface. Apply makeup better not rag and brush with a soft bristle movements, repetitive movements of the roller when painting.

The active ingredients of vinegar and ammonia eliminate odor and accelerate hardening of the areas where the layer is not time to secure our position.


If the paint dries for a long time, and the smell is alreadyessentially starve the household can use candles. So, in a room with closed doors and windows, you need to light a few ordinary candles. It is important to securely install them on a candlestick, that they did not result in a fire, and the wax is not spilled on the floor or table.

Candles should remain lit for about 5 hours. During this time, together with oxygen, the fire will burn the bad smell of paint fumes.


Wet towels hanging on the perimeter of the room, quickly absorb all the odors. Evaporates from the surface of the tissue water must be periodically updated.

A similar effect allows for each corner of the room with a bucket of water. Liquid well absorb odors, so the larger the capacity, the faster will go acrid odors.

To speed up the process of weathering, you canuse the following method. In the colored room to place a bucket of water diluted with 10 g of liquid ammonia. To increase the capacitance effect is added ice. It is important to open the windows in the room and leave a bucket of water overnight. By morning, the smell is significantly weakened or altogether erode.


Absorb odors allow natural absorbents. They are soda, charcoal, coffee and salt. A few drops of ammonia improve the absorbent properties of soda.

Absorbents need to pour into a flat container and place around the room. A day tank should be replaced, and repeat the procedure to eliminate the smell of paint.

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