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How to get rid of the habit to be a loser?

How to get rid of the habit to be a loser?

Losers - a category of people who lose in life situations, lose, they are chronically unlucky, they all does not work. They just attract negative situations.

How to get rid of bad luck?

Losers - a special category. They are called slbakami, losers, pity, wonder, and yet all of their failures - not just negative circumstances. Loser - a way of thinking. How to change the mindset to get rid of the humiliating diagnosis - "loser"? In order not to feel like a failure, you need to get rid of the annoying habits, to change the world. Make it is not easy to have to work hard on yourself!

  • Get rid of the habit of taking terpelevodifficulties and what you do not like. Do not eat food unloved, do not wear clothes clumsy and uncomfortable shoes. Do not tolerate the fact that you do not like! Feel the taste of life.
  • Do not communicate with people who are trying to humiliate you, kill your self-esteem and constantly criticize your every move.
  • Do not think about what the view you have developed atother people, what they say or think. Your life - is unique, it is not necessary podstarivatsya at all, depriving themselves of the initiative. Remember, will try to please everybody - lose.
  • Do not try to load themselves other people's problems - theiryou have enough themselves. Giving promises, fulfilling the requests of others, gaining a reputation for trouble-free, you miss opportunities to establish your own life, have fun and decide for themselves the vital questions, as all your time is running out to meet the others' interests.
  • Do not try to control everything around them,shoulder the unbearable responsibility. Get rid of neurosis - even if there is something you do not have time, do not gnaw yourself! Physical features and human endurance is limited, be forgiving to yourself and do not neglect those people who are willing to help you.
  • The path of least resistance - the shortestway to unfortunate circumstances. You might have to go against someone else's opinions, their interests cross with strangers. Do not be afraid, otherwise you will always yield to their "prey" for those who have the character of greater hardness and strength.
  • Do not keep all the senses "on the lock." Sometimes it is necessary to let go of yourself and say out loud that maybe someone does not like it. Do not hold a grudge, to sort things out soon. Do not complain to life and does not delve into other people's complaints do not encourage whiners - they steal your time and good luck. Sometimes you have the right and the anger, and love - do not be afraid to talk about their feelings aloud, in an open, sincere man of success much more likely.
  • Do not be afraid to take risks, but do not forget aboutreasonable risk. Taking risky decision miscalculated additional options departure path. But do not give up risk due to indecision! Do not be afraid to make a mistake - do not mistake the one who does nothing.
  • You can not think only of others. Try to create your own personal space to those who live nearby, it was warm and komfortno.Chem will be more comfortable for you yourselves - the better will be there for you around. Do not forget about the family and their parents - they will always be your support, as opposed to random people who disown and forget about you immediately if something goes wrong in your life.
  • Do not spend time and closed within four walls,do not be Biryukov. Do not buy junk, get rid of unnecessary and old things. leave the essentials, right. Do not collect unnecessary information in your head, do not keep it, do not read different stuff - life is not so much time to devote himself to reading the most relevant and good books.
  • Do not dwell on past failures andachievements. What was yesterday - already it dissolved in the past. Think about the future, make plans, but be anxious about today - just as much as it should be. Do not be afraid to dream - a dream, especially sincere, always come true.
  • Forget about the words "I do not work", "I do notI can "," I can not. " Do not miss the opportunity to learn something, I try to avoid the words "If it turns out that something ...". Strong verbal formula structures space, so it is better to say: "When I do something else ..." "When will the so-and-so." So you're programming yourself that everything must come out the way you want.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. Each has its own life, his mistakes and his way. Imitating someone, you become a shadow copy, not realizing its own potential. Do not envy anyone, it distracts from their own lives. Moreover, envying something we did not prestavlyayuschie imagine how many problems can be the object of our envy - problems that we simply do not know.
  • Do not try to be perfect throw ofhead "complex honors." Try to be independent, but do not be afraid to use the help of others, boldly Involve your business supporters and edinomyshlennikov.No not shift responsibility onto others.
  • Do not think about the bad, do not listen to scary orsad stories. Get rid of shyness, easy effrontery or impudence only give you a charm. Never frown on people, smile, people it attracts.
  • Do not take failure as a universalcatastrophe - but do not treat it as something unimportant, and normal for you. Analyze your own mistakes - where you made them? Understand where and what is wrong and do not repeat the mistakes again.

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