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How to get rid of the snakes at their summer cottage

How to get rid of the snakes at their summer cottage

Some gardeners are struggling with mosquitoes in summer and moles, have to look for other ways to confront a variety of snakes.

The abundance of snakes in the area can create a serious problem for gardeners and horticulturists.

You will need

  • - pesok-
  • - chesnok-
  • - Ultrasonic pribor-
  • - Ground flyugery-
  • - Mustard poroshok-
  • - Poison for zmey-
  • - A cat or a hedgehog.



It is necessary to warn the owners cottages, whichspotted snake - in any case not be angry reptiles and do not try to determine who is in front of you - so harmless or viper. You can make a mistake with marks and appearance. Be sure to walk in high boots until then, until the snake print from your site.


Get rid of the snakes at their summer cottage may be in theIf completely destroy all their hiding places. Find their location and flatten the land in the area is completely mow grass and weeds (preferably to mow the grass and around the garden), sprinkle sand land, get rid of the old rotten boards and scattered stumps. Put some large beds of garlic, the smell is very unpleasant snakes.


Set on the site are special devices,that will scare away snakes. The device must emit ultrasonic waves or create vibration, causing panic in reptiles. They will stay away from this place. You can set the ground pinwheels, which under the influence of wind will produce the same vibration and sound, which are afraid of snakes.


Get near her house cat, its continued presence will scare creeping reptiles. By the way, hedgehogs also do a good job with this task.


Pretty unpleasant smell snakes dry mustard. Take one kilogram of mustard powder and try to sprinkle on the border of your site, reptiles do not dare to climb on it. In the specialty store to purchase cottages and garden chemicals that are designed to poison or repel snakes.

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