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How to get rid of feelings of embarrassment


How to get rid of feelings of embarrassment</a>

Have you ever come across a situation where you do something awkward in public and after that experience the rest of the day, and sometimes longer?

To get rid of obsessive experiences,Imagine an embarrassing moment when you are especially ashamed and you are just ready to burn out from this overwhelming feeling. Think about what you have done so badly? After all, the root of your experiences lies in the fact that you are thinking about your status. Anyone could have an absurdity, but you and you this can not be. And why this can not happen to you? Perhaps, as a child, you were taught to behave correctly in public and paid too much attention to it. Well, maybe you yourself gave a once installation, that in public you must necessarily be the most ideal. Worse, if on the contrary - you were often called awkward, in your childhood you often committed awkward acts. Worse because in the latter case such a problem can lead to taxonomy, you were called awkward, you subconsciously believed it, but now the subconscious works against you.

Understand yourself, where do your experiencesstrong. When you identify the root of all problems, you will be much easier, and now you will only have a little work on yourself, namely every time you are in a society of people you do not know, stop thinking about the ideality of your behavior. Stop watching closely your movements, the way you look at the moment. The more you think about the correctness of your behavior and your image, the stronger your chances of embarrassment, because these obsessive thoughts lead your body into tension. When your body is tense, muscles are shortened, you do not have the ease of movement, there is no right breathing, just from here there is a shortage of air in front of the audience! Relax and let yourself be set that you are not at all more ideal than others, and in case of an embarrassing moment, show rationality and just let go of this situation.

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