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Get rid of scratches on the glass car

Get rid of scratches on the glass car

Glass - very fragile material, and scratches on glass can be caused by mechanical impact and is very spoil the look of the car.

How to hide the scratches appeared?

Method 1. Wash and dry the surface of the glass. Cover the area around the crack self-adhesive film to prevent damage to the remaining glass. Apply to scratch a special paste to polish, such as "polars", then a soft felt-range produce very polished. Just do not need to deal with grinding surface damaged, otherwise the transparency of glass on your car will decrease significantly.

Method 2. How to hide scratches on the glass materials at hand. In this regard, a simple toothpaste. It is necessary to put a little toothpaste on the scratch, then take a dry cloth and a light circular motion for five minutes rubbing scratch. Next, excess toothpaste to clean with a wet cloth. Excellent help rubbing the wax into the slot scratches. If you do not have with a wax, paraffin can be used.

Method 3. If eventually all bad, you can contact the service center, there you professionally polish glass, and scratches will not be seen. If you are not concerned about the quality, it can be pasted on a scratch transparent tape or crack spread transparent varnish. In this case, no need to polish the glass.

Before you choose which way to remove scratches from glass, be sure to wash your hands and use only pure means at hand.

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