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How to get rid of rodents

How to get rid of rodents

Rodents - the most harmful to human animals.

They are carriers of dangerous diseases such as rat fever, encephalitis, etc.

Most rodents begin to show activity in the urban environment in the autumn-winter period, when in the street come the cold and food becomes less.

Then the house becomes the perfect place for their habitat.

Find a suitable place for the existence of rodents begin to breed. Many people do not immediately reveal these "tenants".

If you notice signs of habitation of these intruders, immediately take action.



Mousetrap - the most tested and reliable meansfor rodent control. If rodents are no longer caught after being caught several mice, even for the most appetizing bait, then pour over boiling water trap, ventilate, then click again go to the bait.


Mice can not stand the smell of mint. Spread the dried bunches of stems in their habitats.


To catch rodents Melt 2 parts fat and add 5-8 parts of flour and 3-4 parts of barium carbonate. Mass roll into small balls and place them in places where there are mice.


Seal the alleged loopholes rodents cement solution with sand and ground glass.


Pour into rat holes and near the powder of calcium chloride.


Place the dish with lime, mixed in her malt and sugar, and next - another bowl with water, the rat will eat lime, exciting thirst, drink water and die.

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