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How to get rid of rats in the area of ​​earth

How to get rid of rats in the area of ​​earth

Uninvited guests in the form of rats in the garden of delight not disappoint. They can eat a beet harvest and other root crops.

It is necessary to notice and eliminate rats excavation at the site.

Earthmoving rats have another name - watervole. The body length reaches 25 centimeters. They are very voracious and unpretentious in food. Their diet includes plant foods and animal. They eat the roots, tops, bark of trees, as well as frogs, mice and some insects. If the garden area were traces of rats: flowerbeds trampled, gnawed trees and roots, it means - it's time to declare war on them.

Earth Rat loves to feast not only vegetables but also flowers. Special preference is given a bed with saffron.

How to fight rats

The easiest way that requires no materialinvestments - rat hole to fill with water. Then all its inhabitants flee. But first they need to find another mink. The output can be set traps to catch rats survivors and neutralize them forever.
You can use Vibropribor thatearth repels rats. "Tornado OZV.01" suitable for this purpose. His buried in the ground. It is better to install several devices throughout the site for more efficiency.

Animal Pied Piper

Those who keep in the house a dog or cat candoes not face a similar problem. Pets are excellent rat-catchers. In this field itself well established fees. They smother their prey and then it was buried in the ground. But not all animals are caught rats, some of them did fear.

Propagated rat three times a year, in the same litter can be immediately up to 5 cubs. They begin an independent life within a month after birth.


If the earth rat hole is located in a barn,a way of flooding the burrow is not amiss. You can use the rat poison. True, this method can not be called safe. If a cat or dog will eat a rat that has had time to eat the poison, then death is inevitable. And the very poison must be hidden away. Themselves owners have to be careful, and in any case not have bitten vegetables. The poison can act immediately, during which time the rat will have time to manage for a while in the area. In this case, the vegetables will contain poison.
You can use ultrasoundhigh-power generators, "Chiston-2", "Tornado-400." To the rats could not gnaw through the wire, it is necessary to establish repellents at a certain height from the floor. Rats like to live under wooden floors. You can install the device just under the floor, so that ultrasonic repeller worked on habitat rats.

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