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How to get rid of rats and mice


How to get rid of rats and mice</a>

Rats and mice are rodents, which disturb rest in many houses, being the bearer of many infectious diseases of man and animals.

The proximity of these mammals is dangerous, so it's time to start fighting and preventing rodents.



Ash - has an alkaline reaction, and since itSettles on the paws of rodents, they need to constantly lick it off their paws. Thus, they begin to irritate the mouth and legs. In this case, they are likely to hurry away from your home and move to a safer territory. Therefore, if you live in a private home, be sure to sprinkle with ground ash and cellar of the house, that is, the places where they mostly live. For residents of modern houses, it is necessary to sprinkle ash cellar and the entire perimeter of the house, as well as an attic and a garbage chute.


Gypsum is an ideal bait for rats. A special dry mixture is prepared from the construction gypsum and wheat flour, in a ratio of 1: 1. Prepare two plates. In one pour the cooked bait, in the other, pour the water. When the rat eats and drinks, the mixture will simply solidify in the stomach, which for five minutes leads to the death of the rodent.


Make sure you have a cat or cat in the house. If the animal is not lazy and sufficiently mobile, after 1-2 weeks it will catch all the rodents.


Mousetrap is a great way to get rid of rats and mice. The only unpleasant moment is extracting and destroying the rodent. And not the fact that in this way you will catch all the rats and mice.


Poison. To date, in the specialty stores, there is a huge selection of different means in the fight against rodents.


Professional deratization. Specialists will quickly detect the lesion and neutralize it with the help of special chemicals. After such treatment you should move to relatives or friends for 1-2 days, and the room should be well ventilated.


Ultrasonic repeller. This is the most humane way. In this way, you do not kill rodents, they just have to leave your house, but there is a possibility that now this will be the problem of your neighbors.

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