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How to get rid of rats and mice

How to get rid of rats and mice

Rats and mice - rodents who violate the peace in many homes, as carriers of many infectious diseases in humans and animals.

The proximity of these mammals is dangerous, so you need time to start the fight and prevention of rodent.



Ash - has an alkaline reaction, and since itsettles on paws rodents, they need to constantly lick it with his feet. Thus, they begin irritation of the mouth and feet. In this case, they are likely to hasten to leave your home and move to a safer area. So if you live in a private home, be sure to sprinkle the crushed ash cellar and a cellar at home, that is, the places where they mostly live. For residents of modern homes need to sprinkle ashes basement and the entire perimeter of the house, as well as the attic and a garbage disposal.


Gypsum - the perfect bait for the rats. Dry mixture is prepared from a special plaster and flour at a ratio of 1: 1. Prepare two plates. One Sprinkle prepared bait, pour the water into another. When a rat eats and drinks of, the mixture hardens in the stomach just that for five minutes leads to the death of the rodent.


Get sure in the house cat or a cat. If the animal would be lazy and not moving enough, after 1-2 weeks, he overfishing of all rodents.


Mousetrap - a great way to get rid of rats and mice. The only bad point is the removal and destruction of rodent. And not the fact that in this way you overfishing of rats and mice.


Poison. Today, in specialized shops, a huge selection of different tools in the fight against rodents.


Professional disinfestation. Experts quickly detect the lesion and neutralize it by means of special chemical means. After this treatment, you are better off for 1-2 days to move in with relatives or friends, and the room is well ventilated.


Ultrasonic repeller. This is the most humane way. By this method you do not kill the rodents, they just have to leave your home, but it is possible that now it will be a problem of your neighbors.

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