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How to get rid of mosquitoes with the help of smell

How to get rid of mosquitoes with the help of smell

Mosquitoes can pester us as in the country, and inapartment. To get rid of the bites and obsessive squeaking, we smear ourselves with protective creams, we run to the store for the fumigator, hang on the windows special mosquito nets.

However, the fight against mosquitoes becomes much easier if you know exactly what kind of smells they can not tolerate.



If you decide to go into the woods on the barbecue, thedo not forget to grab a sprig of juniper. The fact is that when burned in the fire of juniper thinners distinctive flavor that can kill all the mosquitoes around a few meters.


For a simple walk in the woods is to dressto open parts of the body as small as possible. All those areas of the skin that could not close, you should rub the fresh leaves of mountain ash and wild cherry.


Insects and like to stick to the face. However, a decoction of the roots of wormwood is able to save from this scourge. The broth is done as follows: the roots of chopped sage, filled with a liter of water, bring to a boil and infuse for about an hour. After cooking, you need to rinse them a generous person.


Particularly effective in the fight against mosquitoes essentialoils of eucalyptus, basil, cloves, anise. To permanently banish the insects out of your home, it is necessary to moisten with oil of these plants and put a piece of fleece near the window sill.


If you want to not only protect your apartment from mosquitoes, but also to decorate it, put it in a vase of fresh elderberry branches. This scent repels many insects.


A large room, you can get rid of the mosquitoes in the shortest possible time, evaporating source of the fire 100g camphor or valerian.


Do not rush to the store for a replacement unit for an electric fumigator. Instead, you can fill in the empty bubble wide extract of eucalyptus.

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