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How to get rid of the mental traps. Part 2

How to get rid of the mental traps. Part 2

In the previous part of our investigation we discussed, what is the mental traps as they are and how to manifest in our consciousness.

Continuing the theme of complete familiarity with the types that distinguishes Andre Doll in the book "Mental traps" and find out what the author offers as a therapy.



The separation of the trap ( "sitting on two chairs")often get people with a lot of responsibilities or interests. They try to work simultaneously with two clients, do not help in the end none. Do needlework, reading a book, and do not understand the text, and then ran away, and the snare. Catch all at once is impossible - it is an objective truth. If it seems that the ground out from under his feet, it makes sense to prioritize and re-write things in a notebook: Milestones noted, we understand that the issues are resolved systematically, and nothing at the same time out of the spotlight does not escape. So why add stress the body, forcing him to eat again and cake, and hot?


"Haste makes waste" - say to yourselfmore often, to avoid acceleration trap. It is better to be deducted as a document, consult with knowledgeable people, than to run several times to sign it. It is important to understand for ourselves when is quickly operational and in what cases - hastily and prematurely. Analyze the specific situation: if I think again, if the results change? Naidoo I error if the bright idea dawned on me - or, alternatively, simply stretch the time, once in any of the pitfalls? If thinking has benefited, so we just avoided the acceleration trap.


The last two traps Andre Doll defines as follows: "Regulation - a trap of useless regulations, and the formulation - it is useless to describe." They directly characterize the constant work of the brain, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of, and that is very prevents to live. Our minds all the time, "underfoot", creating unnecessary tension. The regulation trap we fall, realizing minor orders without which it could not only manage, but also to feel at the same time much better. Team "must stretch my stiff leg" actually prolongs suffering for exactly those microseconds, which we spent on unnecessary thoughts. While you could just reach out - and the problem is removed. But we have come a long way: first felt discomfort, then we thought that to do with it, and then gave themselves the task and completed it.


Traps formulation also made ussuffer - because the first had to understand the discomfort and to identify, and then decide what to do with him. And formulating the joy of the world, we are actually stealing them from themselves. Enjoying the fresh air immediately loses value, you only formulate it: "What I enjoy the fresh air!" It turns out, as we seek to convince himself in this, so - does not trust himself so that the required evidence, expressed in words? It's like a sports commentator, who, exercising their wits, prevents observe what is happening on the screen. Disconnect commentator within himself, that he does not interfere with listening to the world around us.


In fact, these two traps and generatesubsequent problems - once running endless analysis engine, we invent the complexity of nowhere, kopim voltage and desperately trying to take it off, more and more entangled in the jumble of thoughts. No wonder many psychologists are advised to master the practices that help turn off the brain and listen to the subconscious. The inner voice he directs us and quite successfully copes with this problem, but the habit of the mind to trust and not to trust intuition generates uncertainty.


Distrust impulses - that states AndreDoll as one of the reasons for falling into the trap. We tend to think prescription effective, it seems to us that just get up and wash the dishes - an unreliable way to put things in order, it is necessary to set a goal, say it, and then get to work. Of course, he immediately gets in the way of a wall of traps: resistance, delaying, then accelerating, the division - and stress result. Do not just work out in faith to myself better, to feel the moment when power will fill us, and refraining from the diagnosis, "filled with the Force, go wash." And just go and do it.


Surprising, that life can be so simple -the first with what we face, trying to get rid of the authoritarian regime's own brain. To do this, André Doll offers as if from outside to observe the manipulation of intelligence on elementary examples from everyday life. Indeed, even as we wake up already in the grip of the traps and go to sleep, vainly trying to get rid of the obsessive "neighbor" in his head. Simple alarm clock causes us to formulate (I do not want to get up), regulation (it is necessary), resistance, procrastination (well even a minute), acceleration (late), fixation (also late!), Separation, advance (at work is costing). And so most of the day.


"On every aspect of our daily lives -work at home, weekend getaway, career, relationships with others - it is possible to think productively or unproductively. We fall into the same trap regardless of whether or not we wash the dishes, or think about marriage or divorce. The difference lies not in the object of our thoughts, and in the approach to the subject. If we get rid of at least one of these traps, we find that our problems in all areas at the same time become less complicated. " Let this quote from the book "The mental trap" will help to formulate a new approach to his own life, from which will gradually disappear useless command, installation and false priorities.

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