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How to get rid of the guests

How to get rid of the guests

Guest house - is a joy, a feast and a lot of positive emotions. But only until such time as the owners do not want to relax in peace.

If the clock is approaching midnight, and merry company is not going to leave your apartment, you can unobtrusively contribute to their care.



Be care of your buddies. The time is late, soon will close the subway, is about to leave the last bus. Call personally see how many moves the desired transport, offer to call her husband girlfriend and ask her to meet. Guests likely will not notice that you are their pack off, but be touched by the care.


Stop to put on the table new and snacksbottle. We regret to inform guests that all was over, Olivier previously hidden in the refrigerator. After some time, begin to collect from the table empty dish. The hint is clear - to wait in this house there is nothing more, it's time to leave.


Tell visitors about what you unwellchild, dog second day, tormented bloating, stress in aquarium fish. They all need peace and quiet. Tactful with people will gather, comforting you and wishing all the above entities speedy recovery.


Ask guests to help you. For example, wash the dishes, vacuum the rug, to go to the store to shop, to dismantle the board cabinet that it's time to throw away. Some of those present probably retires, citing urgent business and later time. The rest is to help facilitate your work.


If you live with a spouse,persuaded their second half play a little show. Simulate a fight, not too rough, without throwing dishes, but with a conversation in a raised voice. Embarrassed by the sight of the guests prefer to quietly disappear.


In extreme cases, the lack of understanding on the part of hintsGuests are depriving them of basic amenities. Shut off the water in the cistern, hide toilet paper. Soon the guests one by one realize that your apartment has become unsuitable to continue the evening.


Your guests were persistent people who all at all? Tell me straight out that you are tired and want to sleep, and tomorrow you early for work. Suggest to disperse all gatherings and to continue in the next day.

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