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How to get rid of the fat content of hair

How to get rid of the fat content of hair

Excessive oiliness of hair - the trouble with which to face many.

But both want to solve this problem, to all day long to be confident in yourself and your hairstyle.

By themselves, of course, the hair is not greasy. These make them strengthened under the scalp sebum secretion. Unfortunately, it also can bring more unpleasant than the fat content of hair, surprises: itching, dandruff, brittle. What is the cause of increased fat content of hair, and whether it is possible to defeat this problem?

Causes of excessive hair greasy

More correct to speak not of one reason, but thecomplex problems. Often, excess sebum on the hair only signal malfunctions in the body or lifestyle. Fat content of the hair can indicate such problems:
- Hormonal failures caused by stress, illness or taking certain preparatov-
- Irregularities in the work of the internal organov-
- Chaotic eating or irrational-chosen pitanii-
- avitaminoze-
- Given the wrong type of hair care.

How to help your hair

First of all, pay attention to your health and pass medical examination. It will be useful and consultation with the doctor-trichologist and nutritionist.
You can also try to cope with the problem on their own, using effective, but safe methods.
First, enrich the usual menu products, withhigh vitamin content, particularly of groups A and B, as well as magnesium and zinc. Secondly, the Feed the hair themselves currant oil, pumpkin and thistles. Traditional recipes based on herbs, wonderful act on the sebaceous glands and hair condition, besides, they are very simple. This makes masks, lotions and rinse with nettle, oak bark, sage, wormwood, burdock root, mallow or chamomile priority means of combating hair fat.
Good effect on reducing the amount of sebum weekly mask based on clay. And adding a means of essential oil of mint, rosemary, tea tree or eucalyptus will only increase the effect.

Features of care for oily hair

There are some simple rules, observing that you can maintain the attractiveness of fast salted hair:
- You need to wash your hair regularly, as neobhodimosti-
- Care products are selected according to the type of hair, preferably with the addition of active substances that are beneficial for the hair and skin golovy-
- When washing dilute the concentrated shampoo with water and then apply on the hair-
- Accompany the process of washing well with a soft massage of the skin under the volosami-
- Rinse shampoo and other care products carefully and better with warm, not hot water, which activates the separation of Salam
- Apply conditioners and balms correctly, departing from the scalp to the width of the palm.
- When drying oily hair, ideally usehair dryers, curling irons, and it is not necessary at all. But this is often impossible. Therefore, even a mild thermal effect as long as possible to damp hair should not be used. Laying it is better to choose with the volume at the roots of the hair had little contact with the scalp.

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