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How to get rid of feelings

Get rid of the feelings

Love is the feeling that is experienced every person at some point in their lives. But not all of it causes positive emotions, because love is unrequited.

We're going to fight this fairly frequent phenomenon and figure out how to get rid of the feelings.

To reconcile and get away

If love is unrequited and all attempts made - Humble. Do not give yourself any chance that all will turn out, because then you will never get rid of unrequited love, and therefore hated.

Instead, create yourself a positive attitude,abstracts. Negative emotions are easily overcome, if forced to divert their attention. For example, start to watch a movie or TV show to play the game. Suitable any pleasurable activity, as each person is different, ask yourself - what you love?

Forget the object of adoration, and look to the future

Talking is always easier than doing, and showresults. But forget the man should be, in our case - it is a necessity. Spend much time as possible with his family, friends and just nice people. You must be surrounded by pleasant emotions on all sides. Do not communicate with people who can recall the object of adoration.

The fact that you are bound to the beloved orbeloved, we must erase from his life. Make plans for the future, think about material goods and personal achievements. Implement his plan, as if rushing to the pool with his head in the new case. You can meet new people, when it will be some reasonable amount of time.

Appreciate and love yourself

A plurality of complexes can be formed due tounrequited love, but that does not mean that you are worse than anybody else. Man is able to grow and get better, let's not develop complexes within you. If you do not know the cause of the separation, analyze the situation, try to find out why you were rejected.

Get rid of the feelings just will not work. This labor-intensive process that can turn a nice party for themselves. Listen to good music, not necessarily fun, as long as liked. Keep in order the body and soul and systematically work on yourself - only then you will succeed.

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