How to reduce the load
How to develop the brain

How to get rid of depression and stress

People who have never experienced depression, will soon be considered an endangered species

The cause of depression or stress can be as personal emotional experience and physical processes occurring in the body.

Anyway, now the two psycho-emotional state of many doctors called "the plague of the 21st century."



Switch to another wave
Constantly being in a negative state, you unconsciously give their depression stress or extra energy. The most difficult thing in this situation - is to make the small step that will help to forget about the spleen. But that he is the door, which will break out of the prison of negativity.


Anti-stress diet
Food can influence our mood andstate. Foods rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid, is able to increase the amount of serotonin, rightly called the "hormone of pleasure". Such products include figs, bananas, tomatoes, soybeans, nuts. Especially it is rich in peanuts and derived from it oil. Also, this amino acid is found in sesame seeds, pine nuts, dairy products, leafy greens and wheat germ.


vitamin bomb
The feeling of fatigue and depression can cause a lack of vitamin C in the body. Fight help beriberi citrus, guava, tomatoes and sauerkraut.


Eat positive emotions
Positive emotions - not less important food forus than physical food. Minimize all sources of negative emotions in his life. Spend more time in the circle of nice person, children and animals. It happens in nature. Contemplation vegetation has a positive effect not only on our minds, but also on the physical body.


Case, relaxation - more time
Be sure to let us rest and recovertheir strength is not only the body but the mind. Practice meditation, aromatherapy, conscious breathing, or any other practice that will help you qualitatively relax and not think about problems.


Like cures like
If you swallowed depression is so strong,that you can not see it from the exit - porobujte replace it with a more powerful experience. Such extreme as skydiving, for example, will forget about the negative experiences.


Even a half-hour walking tour is able to radically change your status.
Selection of the optimal physical activity will help youin the fight against spleen. What will it be - cycling, jogging in the park or swimming pool, it does not matter. Main removed with a motion sense of hopelessness from every cell of your body.

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