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How to get rid of dampness in the house

How to get rid of dampness

The dampness in the house usually occurs due to poor ventilation or too much humidity in the apartment. Therefore, in order to fight the dampness, you must first identify the reason for which it has arisen.

The humidity level, as a result, moisture can rise due to frequent washing, drying clothes in the apartment, cooking in a pot with the lid open, etc.

How to get rid of dampness in the house?

First of all, you need to minimize the release ofmoisture. To do this, dry the things, if possible in the street, often ventilate the rooms and clean all exhaust and ventilation passages from dirt and dust. For painting walls in the bathroom and in the kitchen, use a special paint protivokondensatsionnuyu, it takes moisture from the air and releases when the indoor humidity comes back to normal.
Some places where mold is usually formed,Put space heaters, they prosushat room. Also for repairs in the apartment manufacturers offer so many different watertight means, in this case, it is better to treat the entire surface of the walls, floor and ceiling, this is once and save you from the mold. Check the plumbing, dampness can also occur due to the flow of the toilet or pipes in the bathroom, in this case it is best to call a specialist.
Help solve the problem and modern appliances,allowing to reduce the level of humidity, such as fans, air conditioners, split systems, which must be installed directly next to the hearth of mold and dampness.

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