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How to get rid of blackheads on nose

How to get rid of blackheads on nose

Girls with posters evoke a sense of admiration: a smooth glowing skin, no pimples and blackheads, invisible pores.

That would be this would be possible in real life.

If nature has not endowed you perfect clean skin, help to achieve this beauty products and treatments.

Black dots - one of the most commonskin problems. They appear regardless of age, lifestyle, and even sex. Black points - it plugs in pores, which are formed of sebum. Most often they are localized in the nose and are not dangerous. That's just unsightly these points annoys many people.

Which leads to the formation of black spots

In order not to provoke the clogging of pores, limit spicy, fatty, sugary foods and alcohol. Add fish to your diet, fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products.
A wrong skin care
An unsuitable cosmetics can lead tothe appearance of black dots, so visit a beautician to determine their skin type. And never go to sleep with makeup! Whatever you are tired, get 10 minutes and clean the face before going to bed.
Stress and ecology
When a man is nervous, he changedchemical composition of sebum, which is the cause pore plugging. Pollution of air and dust - ideal conditions for the appearance of blackheads. Thoroughly clean the skin every day.

How to get rid of black dots

The most popular and effective way to removeblack dots - is squeezing. This is best done in cosmetologist's office. Facial cleansing can be hardware and manual. In the skin cleansing hardware sonicated, vacuum or shock. The manual - steamed face first, and then the special items like a small metal spoon, cleanse the pores.
If you are confident in their abilities, you can holdskin cleaning at home. Boil water, add to the dry chamomile flowers. Cover with a towel and steam out the face for 10-15 minutes. Treat your hands with alcohol and gently squeeze out the black dots. Apply on the face of the egg white, it will narrow the pores. The following procedure can be carried out no more than 2 weeks.
On the cosmetic stores shelves can be foundspecial adhesive strip to remove blackheads. Depending on the place of application, they differ in shape and size: the chin, forehead and nose. The procedure is very simple: a strip glued to the skin, wait a few minutes and come unstuck. Strips will not relieve you from all the black dots at once, but their number is considerably reduced.
At home, you can make a mask. Mix one tablespoon of gelatin and milk, heat in the microwave for 10 seconds and a little cool. Apply weight to the area with black dots, wait 15 minutes and carefully remove the resulting film.

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