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How to get rid of black dots


If on the face there are black dots, then this can only say that the skin has increased fat release.

And it is as a result of this process on the face appear black-spotted eels, sometimes in large quantities.

The very black dot is skin sebum,Which is oxidized by oxygen. Of course, the reasons for the appearance of these points can be mass. But not always to them low-quality cosmetics or incorrect care of a skin concerns. Currently, among the main reasons for the appearance of these acne, hormones, the peculiarity of living, specific nutrition, etc., are distinguished.

In order to remove or get rid of black points, they must be cleaned. Cosmetologists advise to fight them in the following ways:

1.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Blush should be replaced with shadows for eyelids, as they do not clog pores. And it is best to use those cosmetic preparations that have the inscription & laquo-Non-medogenous & raquo-.

2.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- During the acquisition of skin masks, it is necessary to dwell on those that are made on the basis of white clay and glutinous rice. They are natural, natural absorbents.

3. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- You should avoid washing with soap and various alcohol lotions. These drugs contribute to the increased work of the sebaceous glands.

4.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Twice a week you should make steam baths. To do this, it is necessary to boil water and drop into it 1k of tea tree oil, 2 g of geranium. After that, you can cover with a head under the towel and for 10 minutes make a steam bath. And the person should be at a distance of 30 cm from the water. After that, you can remove comedones from your face with cotton buds.

5.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Use a special face lotion. It is made of the following components: mineral water (2 tons), calendula broth (2 tsp), cypress essential oil (2k), palmarose (1k). The resulting lotion should be placed in a vial made of dark glass and infused for 4 days. Before use, the lotion is applied to a cotton swab that is rubbed against the face. This will help get rid of the black dots.

6. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- To clean, lighten comedones, you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is wiped face. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, after which you should take a break 1 week.

7. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Dissolve sebum allows and salicylic acid, which can be added to all lotions, face creams, tonics, scrubs.

8. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- You can also use zinc and sulfur inside, which is sold in specialized homeopathic pharmacies.

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