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How to get rid of belly after delivery 2 weeks

How to get rid of belly after delivery 2 weeks

For many young mothers the main issue after delivery regarding the appearance is as follows: how to get rid of belly?

It is believed that postpartum belly itselfitself goes, it is not so, because it's not just the child. First, the uterus is enlarged, which is not so elastic and comes into its normal after one month.

Another reason - the fat that accumulates during pregnancy in the abdominal wall.

This can not be avoided, since this is a natural fat protection for the child.

What will help remove belly fat quickly

Thus, the main goal - to get rid of belly afterdelivery as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a woman gave birth without medical intervention and feels good, then you can use the slimming belt, or just something to pull the belly. Thus, the uterus will artificially narrow. If the sore muscles, by this method is better not to use, because the pain will increase and will not pass quickly. To remove belly fat, take more effort, but you can get rid of it. It depends because, how many kilos were recruited during pregnancy.

The first rule: the right food without overeating. Second, therapeutic exercise and long walks on foot. And the most important - is the desire and motivation, the power of thought also helps.

Proper nutrition can help get rid of belly after giving birth

A proper diet consists of healthyDietetic foods. Starting a diet is necessary after recovery of the body, because it is no secret that pregnancy and childbirth - a lot of stress. To do this, at least temporarily forget about fried, smoked, fat. Products for food use is only boiled, stewed and steamed. Starchy foods and sweets is also better to limit but not completely exclude, as included in these products as nutrients needed for young mothers. Forget the need to and a high-calorie foods, such as mayonnaise, ice cream, sunflower seeds. Consumption of this series of products shall not be any good for the body. Instead of vegetable oil in the porridge is better to add the milk.

Get rid of abdominal exercises after childbirth will

Physical load can deal with later -After 1.5-2 months. Mothers who give birth by caesarean section, should be especially careful. The most effective exercises are twisting, lying on the floor and lift the torso. These exercises are known from the school for many women. Good clean belly hoop and hula-hoop. The main rule - a bit of everything and gradually: for exercise to exhaustion can not in any case!

After the child is a little older, you canstart practicing in gyms. Useful for the child and his mother are walking outdoors, which implies a constant movement of at least two hours a day. A good helper in getting rid of belly will massage problem areas. Nursing mothers should not use gels and lotions, rubbing the skin should be without anything.

The results of efforts will not the next day,or even a week. A significant decrease in the stomach can be observed after a couple of weeks, only on condition that the observed diet and exercise carried out every day. Therefore it is necessary to be patient, and then everything will turn out.

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