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How to get rid of belly after cesarean section

How to get rid of belly after cesarean section

After cesarean many women primarily concerned with the question, when you can start to get rid of wrinkles on your stomach.

After this operation is rather complex, it involves just two cut-seam - in the stomach and directly on the uterus.

However, work on improving the exterior, the return of the figure of the former type of many young mothers can not wait.

To do this, there are quite a few methods available to get rid of postpartum tummy.



The first time after delivery as often as you can sleep onabdomen. This night posture allows the uterus to cut faster and at the same time tightens the stomach. Be sure to wear a bandage on his stomach in the afternoon, when doing various chores. If there is no special sculpting band, tighten stomach ordinary towel tighter as possible, tie a knot on the back. With a bandage and stomach tightened more and seam heals much more quickly.


Exercises such as "bicycle" and others, designed to press the abdomen, done after consulting a doctor and in any case not for painful sensations in the seam area.


Use if the seam completely healed, and not onIt inflammatory, anti-cellulite gels and creams, lubricating their stomach. Also, make wraps with cling film abdomen and hips at the same time. This condition should be fine honey wraps, seaweed, vinegar, coffee. Mustard and chocolate is set aside. During the wraps do not lie on the couch, and warm clothing intensively move, do gymnastics, to actively burn fat under the film.


When you sign up for the approval of a doctor in the pool andintense swim in it on the back and abdomen, do underwater kick their feet apart, tighten feet to itself. Water quickly "hones" figure, it results in the state of sports.


Gradually exceed the load on the abdomen. But not to the sensation of pain in it. Try to walk more, walk. Take the lessons of hatha yoga. Yoga is great pulls the abdomen.


Buy fitball - a large fitness ball with bright color, lifting the mood. Make a series of special exercises for the back and abdomen, studying with fitball at home.

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