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How to get rid of the abdomen after caesarean section


How to get rid of the abdomen after caesarean section</a>

After Caesarean section of many women, first of all, the question is when you can start to get rid of the crease on the abdomen.

After all, such an operation is of a rather complex nature, implying at once two suture-incisions - on the abdomen and directly on the uterus.

However, to improve the appearance, returning the figure of the former species to many young mothers can not wait.

For this, there are some quite affordable techniques for getting rid of the postnatal tummy.



First time after childbirth, sleep as often as possibleBelly. This night posture allows the uterus to contract faster and at the same time tightens the abdomen. Be sure to wear a bandage on your stomach during the day when you are doing different things. If there is no special tightening bandage, tighten the stomach with an ordinary towel as tight as possible, tying the knot on the lower back. With such a bandage, and the stomach will be pulled more quickly, and the suture will heal much sooner.


Exercises such as "bicycle" and others, designed for a press abdomen, do after consulting a doctor and in no case with painful sensations in the seam area.


Apply if the stitch has healed permanently, and there is noInflammation, anti-cellulite gels and creams, lubricating their stomach. Also make wraps with a food film of the abdominal area and at the same time thighs. In this state, honey wraps, seaweeds, vinegar, coffee are quite suitable. Mustard and chocolate for the time being set aside. During the wraps, do not lie on the couch, but in the warm clothes intensively move, do physical exercises, so that the fats under the film are burned more actively.


If you are approved by a doctor, sign up for the pool andSwim intensively in it on your back and on your stomach, do footsteps under the water in different directions, pull your legs to yourself. Water quickly "hones" the figure, leads it into a sporting state.


Gradually exceed the load on the abdomen. But only not to the sensation of pain in it. Try to walk more, walk. Take lessons in hatha yoga. Yoga perfectly draws the abdomen.


Buy a fitball - a great fitness ball with a bright color that lifts the mood. Do a number of special exercises for the back and stomach, doing with the fitball at home.

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