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From bad thoughts deliverance difficult, but possible

When bad thoughts constantly come to mind, it's annoying. They may relate to errors in the work, worry about money or inexplicable fear.

Whatever sphere of life or affect bad thoughts, they are very difficult to control.

The most simple, intuitive way to get rid ofbad thoughts - is to suppress them, out of my head. Unfortunately, this is not the most effective option to deal with them. On the contrary, when you make an effort not to think about the bad thoughts come back and even obsessive, even stronger torment you.
But there are at least 8 ways to eliminate bad thoughts.
According to the American psychologist Daniel Wegner, defeat the obsessive thoughts can be more subtle methods.

aimed entertainment

Let's say you have compromised themselves in the eyespublic. Then the best way to forget about the embarrassing situation will be distracted by anything else. And you start to wander thoughts in different directions. Always will be found something nice and interesting. But the fact that the aimless wandering of the mind to the human psyche - a dysfunctional state. Although the human mind - a lover of fun, much better to be distracted by something one: listen to the music track, to perform a certain task or watch a TV show.

Avoid stress

Very often, people begin to expose themselvesstressful situations, hoping to win the unpleasant thoughts. At the same time they think that vanity and speed help them to forget about the problem. In vain, because stress only strengthens general negative feelings. Bad thoughts returning, but with greater persistence. Do not expose yourself to stress.

Deferring to the "later"

While attempts to suppress thoughtsend in success, haunting inner voice may be asked to remind yourself later. Studies have shown that this method works better than commonly practiced suppressing bad thoughts. So assign its own internal "enemies," a special time. Worry and nervous on schedule, and the rest of the rest from adversity.

paradoxical therapy

What if you do not run away from bad thoughts, and,on the contrary, focus on them? Paradoxically, but this method often works. This kind of therapy receiving a permanent impact. So treat people with phobias, fear of spiders, leaving them alone with the insect until the fear passes.
This approach is not for the faint of heart, but it can be very effective.


Adoption of bad thoughts can be very usefulway to deal with them. Imagine that your ears out of the soldiers with slogans on which to write your thoughts. They hold a demonstration in front of your window, and you do not try to avoid them or get rid of. Just read what is written on the posters and watch the parade.


By resorting to the help of Buddhism and its practices can beto rectify the situation for the better. Conscious meditation is similar to adoption, because it develops qualities such as compassion and impartiality in relation to the thoughts that slip into my head.


This way of dealing with bad thoughts isgroundbreaking for psychology. He is thinking about his positive character traits, and believe in the best. Among other things, this attitude to his improved social adjustment and self-control.

Write about it

Thoughts and feelings recorded expressive language, can produce a good therapeutic effect. The more you write about yourself, the sooner you leave the bad thoughts.
You can only use one of these methods, and can be used all at once. In any case, does not harm you can, and always worth a try.

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