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How to get rid of ants in the greenhouse

How to get rid of ants in the greenhouse

Ubiquitous deliver quite a lot of antstrouble gardeners, so most gardeners are trying to get rid of them. However, the fight against these insects - not easy, because on the surface, typically is a small portion of their house, the main hidden deep underground.

So how to deal with such settlers purchased the majority of chemicals used is not desirable, many gardeners use folk remedies.

The most common way of getting rid ofants in the greenhouse is the use of lime (it poured anthill). All that is required is in a bucket of water to dissolve 100 grams of lime and slowly pour this mixture on the anthill. This method of treatment ant ants make in the shortest time to leave their homes, in addition, lime reduces the acidity of the soil, which favorably influences the growing in the greenhouse plants.

It is equally effective way of getting rid ofants is to prepare special dishes for the ants. To do this, take 100 grams of any meat, mix it with a teaspoon of boric acid, from the resulting mass roll small balls with a diameter of one centimeter and place them near the ant hill in a greenhouse, as well as on the ant trails. Within two to three weeks, the insects will leave the greenhouse. It should be noted that this method is best used in conjunction with the usual fine of cockroaches, that is, when you lay out the poisonous balls of minced meat, then at the same time draw poisonous small strips on the prepared tablets and place them as close to the anthill.

If an ant hill in a greenhouse is impressivesizes, then there will help only radical measures. For the expulsion of insect drug buy in the store from the Colorado potato beetle, dilute it according to instructions, pour the cooked mixture of an anthill, and then cover it with a film at least for a day (this "gas chamber" easily destroy the ants).

Generally, the ants are sensitive to sharpsmells, so if you would like to have in your greenhouse is not formed nests, then leave it occasionally torn tomato tops, tarragon or elder.

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