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How to get purple hair

Purple - a symbol of dignity, grandeur, luxury

Dye her hair in a bright color, like purple, can afford only the extreme nature.

If you have not yet decided how long can wear this color, there are short-term almost harmless methods of dyeing.

Hair saturated purple color for months

The beauty industry today offers many ways to give different shades of hair. They are resistant, color saturation and the effect on the hair structure.
Hair purple hue can be obtainedthanks to a simple coloring. Many brands of hair dyes make products pink, purple, lavender, blue. Before you give your hair an extreme color, it is better to try to paint a few strands in the selected tone. After all, the color shown on the packaging may be radically different from the one that will appear after application to your natural hair color.
If you are sure you have found the right tone,which blends perfectly with the color of your eyes and skin, prior to staining better lighten your hair to platinum blonde tone, and then - to use special shampoos for colored hair. To violet kept longer possible to make lamination hair. After this procedure of re-coloring you will not worry about a few months.

Short-term change of image

Another way of coloring, at least a cardinal,It is to use crayons hair. With their help, you can give your hair without preliminary preparation of bright purple color on one day. Staining should be performed wearing gloves, protection clothing cape, and the floor in the room - the newspaper. To color well come from, a small strand twist into a bundle and wet, then rub the chalk actively. Do not brush your hair, or chalk may peel off. To consolidate the results dry hair and sprinkle with varnish.
Dyed locks of long hair is better to fix inhair, richly varnished or otherwise touching the clothes, they betrayed her dirty. At the end of the day, wash your hair with conditioner or hair mask. Do not use crayons on a very dry and brittle hair.
If you want the effect to last longer thanafter applying hair crayons, you can opt for a toning balm. This tool will provide the color you want for up to two weeks. Moreover, unlike the crayons, tonic not only spoils the hair but also give them strength and gloss.
Toning should be wearing gloves. To obtain the desired effect, clearly follow the instructions on the packaging of balm. Mix toning balm with the required amount of water and apply it on the hair using a brush for painting from the roots to the tips. Then massage your hair and leave the vehicle for 30 minutes. After this time, rinse with plenty of water.
Unfortunately, to achieve such a bright color as when using the previous method of staining, will not work. Purple better take on blond hair than dark.

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