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How to obtain guardianship permission to sell the apartment

How to get himself permission to sell the apartment

Resolution of the guardianship bodies Apartments for saleneeded in the event that the owners or co-owners of apartment are minors, incapable or partially capable citizens (Article 28, 29, 26, 30 of the Civil Code).

To obtain this document, you should give written notice to the guardianship of the sale and to submit a number of documents provided for by law.

You will need

  • - A statement to the guardianship and popechitelstva-
  • - passport-
  • - Documents sold kvartiru-
  • - Documents provided zhile-
  • - Bank statements, if at the expense of individual wards made money.



If you sell an apartment, which is inproperty of minors, incapacitated or partially capable persons or specified persons have ownership share in the apartment, please contact the guardianship authorities of his district. Give written notice of the sale of housing.


Present in the guardianship certificateownership of the apartment and sold his copy of your passport. Sell ​​an apartment you will be allowed only in the event that you provide to minors, incapable or partially capable of owners equivalent living space in the property, which will be no worse than their share in the selling apartment. Prescribe these persons to their relatives or friends - is the lack of measure that you have given the decision, as you will be asked to present a certificate of ownership of the name of minors, incapacitated or partially capable persons.


In some cases, you can getResolution of the guardianship authorities without granting the ownership of an equivalent living space. These cases include: minor premise, incapacitated or partially capable landlord to state content and software, such as the house of the baby, the child, in a nursing home or a nursing home.


If a person is placed in the statecontent, then you have to open an account in his name put on it the amount equivalent value of the apartment or the share of bank documents and submit to the guardianship. That is, put money into the account, you are required prior to the transaction of purchase and sale.


If you do not notify the guardianship andguardianship of property for sale, owners or co-owners who are wards persons, the parents or legal representatives may apply to the court to recognize and deal illegal and violated the rights of persons under guardianship (article 2965, 3075 of the Civil Code).

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