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How to get permission to build a detached house

How to get permission to build a detached house

Permission to build a general rule must be obtained from the local administration (local authority).

To obtain the permit need to submit an application with the attached documents, the list of which is set urban development of the Russian Federation legislation.

Construction of a private home on any landthe site is possible only upon prior receipt of a building permit issued by the local authorities (local administration) of the city, town, district, in whose territory the planned construction of the corresponding object. According to paragraph 1 of Article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation This document is intended to verify compliance with requirements of the project construction of the house of existing regulations, including the development plan, land survey design, project planning area. This authorization gives the right to the start of construction, because in its absence, their production can be found to be unlawful.

What documents are required to submit for a permit?

Getting permission to build a privateHousing should be through the submission of documents to the local administration, the list of which is established by paragraph 9 of Article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation. In addition to the application for a permit is required to present legal documents (they confirm the presence of the owner of the rights) of the land plot, its development plan, the scheme of the future organization of this area with marked locations expected placement of a private house. These documents can be sent directly to the local administration or fed through the multipurpose center.

What obstacles can arise when an authorization?

Current legislation prohibitsbody shall consider the application for a permit for the construction of a private house, ask the owner of any other documents. Moreover, in case of non title documents, the urban plan by the applicant the local administration should request these documents in other organs themselves. The building permit is prescribed form shall be issued for a specific period. Town Planning legislation set period of ten days to review the documents submitted, the decision to issue a permit. Refusal of this document for any reason, you can immediately appeal to the courts, which in the presence of bases oblige the administration to issue a permit.

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