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How to get permission for independent heating


How to get permission for independent heating</a>

Transfer of living quarters from a centralizedHeating to autonomous - the process is long, but it is worth it, since it pays for 1-3 years. After that, the cost of heating the apartment is reduced by 2-4 times, depending on the warming of the walls.

It should be borne in mind that, according to Russian legislation, it is prohibited to make unauthorized reorganization of engineering networks in an apartment building, for this there is a certain procedure.



Leave it to the administration of the rural settlementOr the city at the location of the accommodation, the relevant list of documents for the reconstruction or re-planning of the dwelling (apartment). It includes: an application, the form of which was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 25.04.2005, No. 266-certificate of state registration of the right to property, the gift contract, the contract of transferring the apartment into ownership, the certificate of the inheritance right (photocopy, notarized). In the event that the apartment is registered in shared ownership for several people, then provide certified copies to all the owners, as well as an application that all the owners of the apartment must sign.


Provide a photocopy of the technical passportPremises. In the event that the converted apartment is a municipal one, consent is required in writing to all members of the tenant's family and the consent of all tenants residing in this house, i.е. Protocol of the general meeting of owners of living quarters.


Take and attach the conclusion of the organ thatIs responsible for the protection of monuments of architecture, cultural and historical value, if the house or premises in which housing is located, is a monument of history, architecture or culture. Provide a properly designed project for reorganization or redevelopment when installing individual gas heating. It includes two parts: the first - gasification, the second - the reconstruction of the central heating system of the apartment. If a decision is made to install an electric boiler with a capacity of up to 3 kW, it is required to attach a copy of the passport to the boiler, technical conditions or the power supply contract, where the maximum capacity of the boiler is allowed.


Gather the permissions and specifications forThe possibility of installing individual heating in your home. These include: the conditions for switching off the wiring of the indoor heating from the central heating system-the ventilation conditions in this room-the conditions for connecting the gas networks in your apartment for an individual heating system-if the owner wishes to install an individual heating system on the loggia, .


Ask for permission to install offlineHeating with the above-mentioned package of documents to the interdepartmental commission, which is responsible for the use of housing stock. She is in the administration of the corresponding settlement. The answer will be given within 45 days. On the basis of a positive decision, the relevant services will make the owner of the house work on the reconstruction of engineering networks. After that, contact the administration of the settlement to arrange the acceptance report again. Then take it to the organization for the registration of real estate.

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