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How to get permission for independent heating

How to get permission for independent heating

Transfer of premises with centralizedheating on autonomous - a long process, but it's worth it, because pay off in 1-3 years. After that, the apartment cost of heating reduced by 2-4 times, depending on the insulation of the walls.

Note that according to the Russian legislation, it is prohibited to make unauthorized reconstruction of utilities in an apartment building, for this there is a certain procedure.



Provide the administration of rural settlementor city on the location of premises corresponding to the list of documents for the reconstruction and redevelopment of residential premises (apartments). It includes: application form is approved by the RF Government Decree of 25.04.2005 number 266 on state registration certificate of the right to property, the deed of gift, a contract transferring the apartment to the property, the right of inheritance certificate (copy, notarized). In the case where the apartment is decorated in an equity ownership of several persons, please provide certified copies to all the owners, as well as a statement that should be signed by all the owners of the apartments.


Provide a photocopy of the technical passportpremises. In the case where the Adaptable flat municipal, requires the consent in writing of all the family members of the employer and the consent of all the tenants living in the house, ie, the general meeting of premises owners Protocol.


Take and attach conclusion body thatresponsible for the protection of monuments of architecture, cultural and historical value, if a house or a room in which there is a house, is a monument of history, architecture and culture. Provide project reconstruction or redevelopment during the installation of individual gas heating properly designed. It includes two parts: the first - gasification, the second - the reconstruction of the central heating system of the apartment. If you decide to install an electric boiler, the power of which up to 3 kW, required to attach a copy of the passport on the boiler technical specifications or contract power, which allowed a maximum power output of the boiler.


Collect authorization and technical conditions forthe possibility of installing individual heating in their homes. These include technical specifications disconnect the wiring from the indoor heating system central ventilation otopleniya- technical specifications in the technical specifications pomeschenii- connect gas networks in the apartment for an individual system otopleniya- if the owner wants to install individual heating system on the balcony, you should prepare a draft reorganization of the loggia .


Ask for permission to install a stand-aloneheating with the above documents to the Interdepartmental Commission, which is responsible for the use of housing stock. It is located in the respective settlement administration. The answer will be given within 45 days. On the basis of a positive decision, the corresponding service will generate property owner works on the reconstruction of engineering networks. Then contact for registration of acceptance act again in the settlement administration. Then take it to the organization to real estate accounting.

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