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How to get the pension savings

How to get retirement savings

Formation of accumulative pension savings or part of the pension at the expense of the employer's payment of insurance premiums to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation or other other non-state pension funds.

Contributions shall be paid for each employee in the amount of 6% of his salary.

Pension funds are paid together with the principal part of the song.

If the person did not live to retirement age, to receive his pension savings may be the successor.

You will need

  • instrument of death of the person having pension savings
  • the current account, which will go on pension savings



Check the possibility of retirement savings. First of all, the successors to the possession of the pension accumulationE recognized children and spouses, and parentsdied (regardless of their disability, age and status). If there are not found, the assignees are considered brothers and sisters, grandparents or grandchildren. All these persons are considered successors, if the deceased was not able to live up to the designated retirement age and is regularly updated your HUD related contributions. The second case of inheritance funded pensions - is the death of the insured person before the allocation of funded pension amount based on the size of all other additional retirement savings.


Prepare documents about the death of the insuredface and having individual personal account (ILS) in the FS of the Russian Federation or other non-state pension fund. These documents include the death certificate and SNILS (green laminated pension insurance certificate indicating the HUD). Pre-need to make copies of documents. Photocopies of recommended notarize.


Refer to the territorial department of the RF or IFrepresentation of non-state pension fund for the purpose of writing a declaration of succession of pension savings. If the pension fund offices in town, send an application with all documents in electronic form or by fax. However, with this application you need to hurry, as the right to inherit the accumulative part of the pension is distributed to the heirs within six months from the date when the insured person died.


Receive notification from the PD. After the decision on the confirmation of the rights to the funded part of the pension, the pension fund will notify the successor. Last obliged to indicate a bank account, which will be transferred the entire amount of pension savings of the deceased.

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