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How to get pension savings


How to get pension savings</a>

Formation of pension savings or funded part of the pension is carried out by paying employer's insurance premiums in the Russian Federation Pension Fund or other non-state pension funds.

Contributions are paid for each employee at a rate of 6% of his salary.

Pension savings are paid together with the main part of the song.

If a person does not live to the retirement age, he or she can get his pension savings.

You will need

  • Document on death of a person with pension savings
  • Settlement account for pension savings



Specify the possibility of obtaining pension savings. First of all, successors in the possession of pension AccumulationChildren and spouses, as well as parentsDeceased (regardless of their ability to work, age and status). If these were not found, then the legal successors are brothers and sisters, grandparents or grandchildren. All above-mentioned persons are recognized as successors in case the deceased could not live to the designated retirement age and regularly replenished his ILS with appropriate contributions. The second case of inheritance of a funded pension is the death of the insured person before the moment of recalculation of the amount of the funded pension amount taking into account all other additional pension savings.


Prepare documents about death of the insured personPerson and having an individual personal account (ILS) in the RF PF or other non-government pension fund. These documents include the Death Certificate and SNILS (green laminated pension insurance certificate with the indication of HUD). In advance, you need to make photocopies of documents. It is recommended to certify photocopies from the notary.


Contact the territorial department of the PF of the Russian Federation orRepresentation of a non-state pension fund with the purpose of writing an application on the succession of pension savings. If there is no representation of the pension fund in the city, send a statement with the attachment of all documents in electronic form or by fax. However, it is necessary to hurry with this statement, since the right to inherit the funded part of the pension extends to the heirs within six months from the day the insured person died.


Get a notice from the PF. After making a decision to confirm the rights to the funded part of the pension, the pension fund will notify the heir. The latter is obliged to indicate the settlement account to which the entire amount of pension savings of the deceased will be transferred.

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