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How to get out ooo

How to get out ooo

For whatever reason you have decided to go out of business.

Perhaps tired or want to discover something new.

If the legal form of your company was Limited Liability Company (LLC), then buy out his share of the partners and withdraw from the case is simple.

You will need

  • Purchase-to-date text of the Federal Law"On Limited Liability Companies» №14-FZ of 08.02.1998 or download from the Internet. "Consultant" It is best to use the legal system.



The output member of the LLC is voluntaryor forcibly. Cases of forced exclusion, as a rule, are rare and are not relevant to this article, so let us consider the algorithm voluntarily withdraw from the LLC. Withdraw from the LLC is governed by Article 26 of the Federal Law "On Limited Liability Companies» №14-FZ of 08.02.1998


According to Art.26, a member company has the right to withdraw from the LLC by the alienation of the share, regardless of the consent of other members of the company or, if provided for in the charter of Company. The charter of this right may be provided as directed in the establishment Ltd., and in the future, when amendments to the articles of association by the decision of the general meeting. Such a decision should be taken unanimously. If the charter company is entitled to fixed, then get out of the company can be without problems. Not allowed output member company only if the result of the release in the company there will be no party, or if the party is the only company.


In order to exit the company, you need to writea statement of withdrawal to the address of the company. After that, your share will go to the company, and you will receive the cash equivalent of your shares in the company or property the value of which is equal to the cash equivalent of your share. What to get - you choose. Ltd. shall pay you the cash equivalent of your share or transfer the property within six months.


If you are going to get out of the company, although not yetcontributed to its authorized capital in full, respectively, you will get part of its share - in proportion to the paid part of the contribution. It is worth remembering that the party out of the company does not release him from the obligation to contribute to the property company, if such a duty arose prior to applying to withdraw from society.

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