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How to leave the garden partnership


How to leave the garden partnership</a>

Dacha partnerships are a voluntary association of citizens, which each participant has the right to leave.

There is no exact procedure for leaving the garden associations.

In each case, the exit conditions are agreed with the governing body of the partnership, on the basis of the current legislation.



Carefully study the charter of the organization, in whichMust be prescribed the procedure for the withdrawal from it of members before taking the first steps. Then, in accordance with the procedure established by the Charter, write the appropriate application (take a sample of such statements from the chairman of the partnership or download it from the Internet), register it and submit the document for consideration to the chairman. After making a decision on your issue, conclude a contract with the garden association on the procedure for using and operating public property (if any), engineering networks and roads. Be sure to keep a copy of all documents.


Write an application for withdrawal from the gardenPartnership, if the organization's charter does not prescribe the procedure for withdrawing from it. Register your application and wait for the relevant resolution to be issued within the period stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. After that, conclude an agreement on the use of engineering networks, roads and existing public property. Apply to the court if there are disputes and disagreements.


Obtain in the order established by the Law of the Russian FederationPublic property transferred to the partnership by its members or equivalent to this property, unless otherwise provided by the charter of the organization in the event that the garden partnership is a non-commercial partnership. To do this, write the corresponding statement to the chairman of the garden association, register the document and wait for the decision to be made. If you can not resolve the issue with the chairman of the partnership, contact the court with the appropriate application. Membership fees made during the stay in the garden partnership, you can not return, because this money is considered current expenses and can not be refunded.

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