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Get out of the consequences of smoking with the help of masks

Remove the effects of smoking with the help of masks

Smoking is a bad habit of mankind.

Despite this negative impact, smoke, most of the Russian population. Themselves as people are aware of the harm and are taking it calmly.

Cigarette in itself contains more than 4,000 harmful substances.

These include: tar, nicotine, toxic gases. It is particularly acute effect on the beauty and health of women.

In the body, negative changes occur, and the appearance and condition of the skin is poor.

You will need

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To improve the complexion, use oxygen-containing cosmetic products. Also useful it would be to do 2 times a week mask of blue and green clay.


To remove bruises and circles under the eyes, apply a cold compress of herbal concoctions and ice cubes.


Smoking affects the condition of blood vessels, hair grows slower. To strengthen the hair can be using sweet flag root (sold in the pharmacy).


Prepare the broth (1 part calamus to 3 parts of water), rinse them clean damp hair, wear a top hat and wrap cellophane head with a towel. An hour later wash your head.

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