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KILL the effects of smoking with masks


Remove the effects of smoking with masks</a>

Smoking is a harmful habit of mankind.

But despite this negative influence, the majority of the population of Russia smoke. Themselves, people realize all the harm and treat it calmly.

A cigarette in itself contains more than 4000 harmful substances.

This includes: resin, nicotine, toxic gases. It especially affects the beauty and health of women.

In the body there are negative changes, and the appearance and skin condition leaves much to be desired.

You will need

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To improve the complexion use oxygen-containing cosmetic products. It will also be useful to do 2 times a week a mask of blue and green clay.


To remove bruises and circles under the eyes, apply cold compresses from herbal decoctions or ice cubes.


Smoking affects the condition of blood vessels, hair grows slower. Strengthen your hair with the help of the root of ayr (sold at the pharmacy).


Prepare the broth (1 part of the aire for 3 parts of water), rinse them with clean damp hair, on top put on a cellophane cap and wrap the head with a towel. Wash the head in an hour.

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