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How to get out of mental traps. Part 1

How to get out of mental traps. Part 1

The term "mental trap" usesthe second book of a mathematician, philosopher and psychologist, professor emeritus at the University of Toronto Faculty of Psychology André Doll. He literally "on his fingers," explains to readers how their own brain controls them, not allowing internal freedom and keeping a person on a short leash false truths.

As a result, our life becomes a chain of obstacles that we can not overcome on the way to harmony.



The list of traps large - Andre Doll highlights11 types: perseverance, amplification, fixing, reversal, lead, resistance, delay, division, acceleration, regulation formulation. The first trap from the list - perseverance. We continue to do something that does not fit with our desires and goals, moreover, prevent their implementation. It is possible to formulate the essence of this phenomenon as follows: "Mice were crying, injected, but continued to eat a cactus". In such cases, it is important to say to yourself: I have not purchased to complete the job. Moreover, I have nothing to lose, and even win repeatedly, breaking unpleasant and meaningless process.


Amplification, or excess effort threatens to fatallylow efficiency of your activity. (From Wikipedia: "The coefficient of performance (COP) & lt- ... & gt- is determined by the ratio of useful energy used to the total amount of energy received by the system"). We often hear a compliment: he has such a comprehensive approach to business! But there is a disproportion between the costs and benefits that we stand in kilometer-long queues to save 50 rubles, and to boil an egg, write lengthy algorithm. In any situation it is important to understand how well your internal system, whether the device is running on empty.


Fixation and reversion - trap bearing stagnationour lives. This category can be attributed to the delay. And if you "pull the cat's tail" is recognized for all the wrong strategy, then, say, fixing willing to accept for the concentration in any event. However, when fixing the parish guests scheduled an hour, get up all the other things. We might yet sew a shirt or watch a movie, but we go from corner to corner without any purpose. Reversion is compels endlessly grind in the brain week-old conversation to dissect a year ago finished the relationship. But our starting point is to move forward, and to compare their experience is not necessary to before last. Bury finally their dead and live on.


Traps advancing forces us to get the keysfrom home in the bus, collect the suitcase for a month before the holiday and September to wait for New Year. On the one hand, far-sighted and prudent, on the other - all the events to the said matter how drop, lose value. Between September and New Year there is the golden autumn, and before the holiday must pass quarterly report. And the attention it deserves much more than a ghost is not even "the day after" and "posleposleposle". Fear of the future come from here - we endure unloved work and the people, because all of a sudden it will be even worse.


Resistance to - this is our inertia. To open the door, you have to get up off the couch to eat, you should stop digging. We are busy or not-doing and are thrown with great difficulty. For the body to switch - a kind of stress that displays for a comfort zone at a particular moment. However, going beyond this area - there are a guarantee of success: we communicate with someone, replenish energy and raise the level of income.

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