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How to unscrew a candle


How to unscrew a candle</a>

Candles in the car are an important part of the ignition system.

But, unfortunately, they often cause the car to not start. This is due to the burning in the candles from the combustion of the fuel.

Or do they simply throw them? Not had time to burn with gasoline.

In this case, sooner or later, it is necessary to unscrew them and then clean or replace them.

You will need

  • Allen key for? 10 ?, candle wrench



Before unscrewing the plugs, it is advisable to disconnect the minus terminal from the battery using the socket wrench to? 10 ?.


Disconnect the high-voltage wires from the candles,Which must be unscrewed. In this case, you can not pull the thin part of the wire, you should take the contact (compacted) part, located directly on the candle.


Using a candle key, unscrew the desired candle. If the candle is tight, you can additionally use a screwdriver, inserting it into the holes of the candle key.

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