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Candles in the car is an important part of the ignition system.

But, unfortunately, they are often the reason why the car will not start. This is due to the arising sludge of the candles combustion.

Or they just? Throws? not had time to burn gasoline.

In that case, sooner or later, they have to unscrew and then be cleaned or replaced.

You will need

  • Socket to? 10 ?, candle key



Before twisting the candle, it is desirable to disable the negative terminal of the battery using a socket wrench to? 10 ?.


Disconnect high-voltage wires from candles,you want to unscrew. This is not to pull a thin piece of wire, you should take up contact (densified) portion located directly on the candle.


Using a spark plug wrench to unscrew the desired candle. If the candle is served tight, you can optionally use a screwdriver, inserting it into the spark plug wrench holes.

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