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How to obtain multi-entry

How to get multivisa

The procedure for obtaining a visa entitling toan unlimited number of entries within its validity period, in most cases, is not very different from the design single or double. However, in a particular country may have its own policy on visas.

Linked with it is better to clarify the intricacies of the state at the consulate, the visa that you require.

You will need

  • - international passport-
  • - A completed visa application form with a note that you are requesting multivizu-
  • - the photo-
  • - Documents confirming the purpose trip-
  • - Other documents as required by the particular konsulstva-
  • - The money for the payment of the consular fee.



For the Schengen multivisa usually sufficient proof of residency at the time of the first entry. However, if you are applying for multivisaIt may require a signed commitmentarrange insurance for the duration of each trip. If you have this requirement, you can download the form of obligations on the consulate website, then you need to fill it out, print, sign and attach to the package of documents for a visa.
In some cases, it may be useful to immediatelyto issue an insurance policy for the whole period of visa validity, covering the number of days that will be allowed to enter, and satisfying other requirements of the consulate.


When filling out the visa application form do not forget to doa corresponding mark in the field with respect to the multiplicity of visa: from the options select multi ?. However, note that this mark does not guarantee anything. Even with a "long" insurance obtained a visa can be, at best, two-time, especially if you are visiting the country for the first time.


Collect other documents requiredspecific consulate. Their set and wishes in respect of each of them confirm the site of a particular consulate or by phone. Sign up for the submission of documents, if necessary. If the consulate did not practice, come into it or visa center in foster chasy.Uplatite visa fee in cash or through a bank Consulate - depending on the conditions of interest.
Having handed over the documents, wait for a decision. The term, which will need to pick up a passport with a visa or not, you will be called.

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