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How to obtain the citizenship of Moldova

How to get citizenship of Moldova

Statistics migration between Moldova and Russia contradictory, but one still converge: it is much more popular route in the direction of the Russian Federation.

The same article useful to those who, for whatever reasons, do not leave Moldova, on the contrary, wants to become a full citizen.



According to the legislation, there are severalreasons to become a citizen of Moldova: by birth, by adoption, recognition, restoration or naturalization. The first four options assume that the people in one way or another, connected with the Moldovan government, or citizenship minimally dependent on his own will, as in the case of adoption and birth. Therefore, for most people, who have decided to get the Moldovan citizenshipIt remains the last option - naturalization.


Naturalization requires a number of conditions. One of them is the fact that the applicant for the Moldovan citizenship must have lived in the country for some time. This period depends on the legitimacy of the country of residence, the presence status of refugee or stateless person, and stay married to a Moldovan citizen.

Among other provisions of the Constitution of knowledge, sufficient knowledge of the state language and the existence of legitimate livelihoods.


Level of Moldovan language is determined by the following criteria:
- Understanding of the information and the official consumer haraktera-
- The ability to participate in the conversation and respond to domestic questions-
- Free reading and understanding all the texts of a social nature, as well as laws and other normative aktov-
- The ability to write a statement of consumer topics.

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