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How to get the medical policy entrepreneur

How do I get a medical insurance policy entrepreneur

Individual entrepreneur - it is a physicalThe person conducting the own business in Russia without a legal form of ownership. In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation under the number 326, any citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as persons who have the right to reside in the territory of the Russian Federation, are entitled to health care under the policy of the MLA.

To get the insurance policy to an individual entrepreneur and policies to ensure all salaried employees should contact the territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance documents.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - INN-
  • - Pension Insurance svidetelstvo-
  • - zayavlenie-
  • - Policy expired strahovaniya-
  • - Labor book (if you want to get a policy as unemployed).



Refer to the Territorial fund of compulsorymedical insurance of their town or village. Fill in the application form. Present evidence of the individual entrepreneur. According to him the number to make a request to the tax office and check the payment of contributions. In most cases in large cities across the Russian territory even show evidence of an entrepreneur there is no need. Suffice it to submit personal identification documents. All information on tax payments contained in the electronic media and verified directly with the tax authorities over the Internet. To check the authorized person will enter your personal data specified in the data sheet and in the online system will be answered on the expulsion of contributions to the tax office and pension fund.


After 5 days (in terms of RF regions mayrange), you will receive a document allowing to obtain a policy in any of the selected insurance company, has a license to carry out activities of compulsory health insurance. Polis you can get & nbsp-all hired employees and decorate it yourself.


To do this you need to collect allemployees with expired insurance policy for the period, if any, pension insurance certificate, passport. Submit all documents to the selected insurance company. After a few days you will receive policies to all employees with indefinite term insurance. Since in accordance with the terms specified by the law of insurance is no longer defined. The policy is valid indefinitely and allows you to receive medical care in the whole territory of the Russian Federation.


Any citizen who does not have works, is alsothe right to obtain medical insurance policy in the community or in person at the insurance company. So if you work book is at home, and it has not made any notes about the place of work, you are entitled to receive the insurance policy in the community or in any insurance company licensed to conduct insurance.


It's enough to contact the administrationor the insurance company, to present a passport, a certificate of insurance and a pension policy with an expired insurance period, if any. After 30 days you will receive OMC policy.


As in the first and in the second case, a 30-day period during which issued a medical policy, you have the right to receive a temporary certificate of insurance for medical care.

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