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How to get a medical policy to an entrepreneur


How to get a medical policy to an entrepreneur</a>

An individual entrepreneur is a physicalA person who conducts his own business on the territory of the Russian Federation without forming a legal form of ownership. In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation under the number 326, any citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as persons entitled to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation, have the right to medical services under the MHI policy.

In order to obtain a policy for an individual entrepreneur and provide all employees with policies, you should contact the Territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund with the documents.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - INN-
  • - pension insurance certificate-
  • - application-
  • - a policy with expired insurance period-
  • - Workbook (if you want to get the policy as unemployed).



Contact the Territorial Compulsory FundHealth insurance of your city or town. Fill out the application form. Present the certificate of an individual entrepreneur. By his number will make a request to the tax inspection and check the payment of contributions. In most cases, even in large cities throughout the Russian Federation, there is no need to present an entrepreneur's certificate. It is enough to provide personal identification documents. All information on tax payments is contained on electronic media and is checked directly with the tax authorities via the Internet. To verify, authorized persons will enter your personal data specified in the passport and in the online system will receive a response about the deduction of contributions to the tax inspection and pension fund.


After 5 days (in the regions ofVary) you will receive a document authorizing you to obtain a policy in any selected insurance company that has a license to carry out activities for compulsory health insurance. Policy you can get & nbsp-on all hired employees and arrange it yourself.


For this you will need to collect from allEmployees of the policy with expired insurance period, if any, pension insurance certificate, passport. Submit all documents to the selected insurance company. In a few days you will receive policies for all employees with an indefinite term of insurance. Since in accordance with the specified law the terms of insurance are not defined now. The policy operates indefinitely and allows you to receive medical care throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.


Any citizen who does not have a job also hasThe right to obtain an insurance medical certificate at the place of residence or personally in the insurance company. Therefore, if you have a work book at home and do not have any records of your place of work, you have the right to obtain a policy at your place of residence or in any insurance company that has a license for insurance.


To do this, it is enough to contact the administrationOr to an insurance company, present a passport, a pension insurance certificate and an expired insurance policy, if any. In 30 days you will receive the MHI policy.


In both the first and second cases, for a period of 30 days during which a medical policy is drawn up, you are entitled to receive a temporary insurance certificate for medical assistance.

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