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How to get the liquid soap from vegetable fats

How do I get soap from vegetable fats

Correctly pick up the soap, which would not only qualitatively fights dirt and bacteria, but do not dry the skin and enriches it with nutrients, it is very difficult.

That is why more and more a cosmetic product is prepared with their own hands.

Typically, the liquid soap in the composition are present homemade vegetable fats. Less commonly used are animal fats.

How to make soap from the oils of coconut, olive and castor oil

Recipe of the cosmetic products as follows:
- 20 ml of olive oils-
- 10 ml of oil kastorki-
- 17-20 ml of crude oils-corn
- 45-50 ml of coconut oils-
- 150 ml of soap base (preferably a base made of soap nut) -
- 13-15 drops of lemon essential oil.
The base, made from soap nut,unique in that it contains sodium lauryl sulphate - a substance which dries the skin. Therefore, cosmetic, of which consists of such a framework, gently cares for the skin. So, the foundation is poured into a half-liter jar or other glass container. Melt in a water bath of coconut oil: it is important not to let the oil boil, otherwise it loses its medicinal properties. The oily base with the dishes are added castor, olive and corn oil, whereupon the mixture is enriched ostuzhennym coconut oil to a comfortable temperature. The components are mixed thoroughly, after which the composition is enriched lemon essential oil. Incidentally, the aromatic oil of lemon wonderful fights with pigment spots, so the cosmetic product, in which structure has aromatic oils of lemon, has a bleaching effect, and in addition, it will replace the easy peeling. Ready-made liquid soap can be stored no more than a month in a glass container in shading place. Prepared for this recipe cosmetic product is intended for daily use.

Honey oil soap

To make this cosmetic product need the following ingredients:
- A piece of soap (best to use baby soap) -
- 1 tsp glitserina-
- 1 tsp meda-
- 2 cups of water-
- 3-5 drops of rose essential oil or essential oil ylang-ilanga-
- 2 tbsp olive oil.
Baby soap rubbed on a fine grater, thenFlakes pour just a boiling water. The resulting mixture is whipped until complete dissolution of soap flakes. Further, the composition cooled to room temperature. The mixture is then enriched aromatic oil, glycerin, honey and olive oil. Concentrated soap is recommended to dissolve 2 cups of cooled boiled water. Cosmetic product is poured into the dispenser: it is ready for use.

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