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How to get liquid soap from vegetable fats


How to get liquid soap from vegetable fats</a>

It is very difficult to choose a liquid soap that not only competently combats dirt and bacteria, but also does not dry the skin, but also saturates it with nutritious elements.

That's why more and more often such a cosmetic product is prepared by own hands.

As a rule, vegetable fat is present in the composition of liquid home-made soap. Fats of animal origin may be used less often.

How to prepare liquid soap from coconut oil, olives and castor oil

The recipe for this cosmetic is as follows:
- 20 ml of olive oil-
- 10 ml of castor oil-
- 17-20 ml of corn crude oil-
- 45-50 ml of coconut oil-
- 150 ml soap base (preferably using a soap base) -
- 13-15 drops of lemon aromatic oil.
The base, made from soap nuts,Is unique in that it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a substance that dries the skin of the hands. Therefore, the cosmetic product, in the composition of which such a base is present, carefully takes care of the skin. So, the base is poured into a half-liter jar or other glass container. Melt coconut oil on a water bath: it is important not to allow the oil to boil, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties. Castor, olive and corn oil are added to the bowls of the oil base, after which the mixture is enriched with coconut oil cooled to a comfortable temperature. The components are thoroughly mixed, after which the composition is enriched with lemon essential oil. By the way, the aromatic oil of lemon perfectly fights with pigment spots, so the cosmetic product, which contains lemon aroma oil, has a whitening effect, and besides it will replace the light peeling. Ready liquid soap can be stored for no more than a month in a glass container in a shady place. The cosmetic preparation prepared according to this recipe is intended for daily use.

Honey-Butter Liquid Soap

To prepare this cosmetic you will need the following ingredients:
- a piece of soap (it is better to use baby soap) -
- 1 tsp. Glycerol-
- 1 tsp. Honey-
- 2 glasses of water-
- 3-5 drops of pink aromatic oil or essential oil ylang-ylang-
- 2 tablespoons olive oil.
Baby soap tinder on a fine grater, after whichFlakes are flooded with freshly boiled water. The resulting mixture is whipped until the soap flakes are completely dissolved. Then the composition is cooled to room temperature. Then the mixture is enriched with aromatic oil, glycerin, honey and olive oil. Concentrated soap is recommended to dissolve 2 cups of cooled boiled water. The cosmetic product is poured into the dispenser: it is ready for use.

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