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How to get the lilac color

The desired shades of purple can be found in the catalog

The human eye sees a lot of shades.

People are accustomed to multi-colored world, and usually do not even think about the fact that only a few basic colors.

These include the yellow, red and blue, and other colors of the spectrum are obtained by mixing them.

You will need

  • Red, blue and white paint, paper, brush, palette, water, shades catalog



Take a little bit of red paint and put it onpalette. Wash brush, take the same amount of blue paint and add it into the red. Mix the paint. You have turned a dark purple color. Draw something on a sheet of paint.


Experiment a little with different compositions. For example, take 2 pieces of red paint to 1 part blue or vice versa. See what happens. Purple color has many shades and they all reached different proportions of red and blue colors.


Once you learn how to get purplecolor, try to get purple. It is lighter than purple, which means that the palette can be obtained by adding white ink. Take your favorite purple paint and add a certain amount of white. And if white add a little bit more?


You can go the other way. Please lighten blue or red paint, adding white to them. We get blue and pink, their hue depends on the proportion of red and white, blue and white colors. Mix the paint. It will turn purple.


The exact proportions of colors may be obtainedif you take the catalog of colors, for example, the NCS. These directories usually have at the enterprises producing paints. Baby you like some shade and how much paint you need to take to get it.

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