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How to get into the program "The Dinner Party"

How to get to the program Dinner Party

"To get to the TV" - the dream of many, and perform it not so difficult.

Most TV shows razlekatelnyh really ordinary people involved.

And if you know how to cook and love to communicate - you direct road to the cooking show "Dinner Party".

"The Dinner Party" - what is the show

Every week to participate in a TV show selected 5human. The participants in turn arrange for 5 days at a dinner party and go to each other's homes. At the end of each day, guests appreciate the culinary master craftsmanship. at the end of the week winners will be awarded prizes from the field of home appliances, and also receive the right to participate in the subsequent super prize draw. Often in the transmission of the stars attended and interesting personality, but you can get on the program and the common people. First of all, you need to follow the site "The Dinner Party" and channel "Ren-TV" - there is placed information about auditions. Also casting managers placed ads in popular social networks. Usually applicants to participate you need to send a request by e-mail, and then to come on internal casting.

Participants evaluate each other on a 100-point scale.

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What should you do on the program

Of course, first of all, you will need toCook. TV Dinner consists of a starter, main course and dessert. Usually participant buys products together with leading and then says that he is going to prepare. However, in addition to culinary skills, you will need to demonstrate and communication skills. Meeting guests, you need to talk to them and show the apartment. The way you live, duly reflected in the participants' evaluations. Also, in addition to the menu, you will need to come up with razlechenie for guests - it can be a game, a song contest, etc. entertainment quality also affects the estimates.

It is not always participate in the show nice and rosy. Sometimes the program must compete with conflict and outrageous people.

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Be sure to familiarize yourself with the participants to find outtheir personalities and preferences. It is possible that some of them are vegetarians, while others will show an allergy to fruit - consider this. Prepare meals proven that you're good at - this will help avoid any unpleasant surprises. It should avoid unnecessary and exotic dishes and methods of delivery. However, manifest originality - is unlikely, "Olivier" Dressed Herring and fruit salad will bring you a lot of points. Think maybe you decorate unusual dish or add to the usual snack original ingredient. Holiday invent so that it can engage and amuse all the participants of the show, your solo here is not very appropriate. And, of course, to assess the impact your behavior. Be positive and attentive to every guest, do not hesitate to talk about yourself, answer questions, show the house. And then good luck will smile to you!

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