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WHEN a child must sit

How to access the program

How to access the program

Feel like a real movie star, seen on the TV screen and to be seen on the streets of the city will participate in the program.

To feel the light of spotlights and floodlights should use some of the recommendations.



The organizers of the program usually are interestedNumerous participants in the role of spectators and bright, charismatic people in the main role. So, if you managed to get on a TV show, the program administrator to ask about the possibility of participating in other shows. Your name and phone number and record a call back after a while.


Note the final saverprograms after titers. This passage indicates the phone to communicate with the editorial program. You can make a phone call and talk about their fun times out of life, or to share a problem that could become the number one topic in the following editions of the show. You can enroll as a spectator event on the extreme program or enter into a permanent staff members of television projects. In this case, for participation in the crowd and visit a number of programs for the day you will be paid a fee.


To take part in the program will be possible,if you write a letter to the editor. The letter should indicate the reason for your desire to get into the TV show. For example, you do not know how to cope in any situation, or witness the shocking events. All that is genuine emotions, not be left unattended transmission editors. You should also pay attention to the format of the program. What topics and in what way it is considered in the transmission, and such topics need to submit to the organizers of the project.


Carefully read magazines and newspapers. It happens that there are a call for participants program, Holding auditions, and other competitions, where you can realize itself.

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