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How to get to Mosfilm


How to get to Mosfilm</a>

Mosfilm is one of the oldest and largest film companies in Russia.

About forty percent of documentaries, feature films and serials that are on domestic television are filmed there.



It's easy to get to Mosfilm. Every Tuesday and Thursday there are prefabricated excursions. To be among the visitors, come to the reception desk at three o'clock in the afternoon. You can get there from Kievskaya metro station by bus numbers 119 and 205 and trolleybuses number 7, 17 and 34. Or by the appropriate shuttle buses to the stop "Mosfilm". The cost of the examination for children and pensioners is 85 rubles, for the rest - 140 rubles.


To get on "Mosfilm" in any other dayWeek, except Saturday and Sunday, sign up for a group excursion. They are organized for companies of no more than twenty people. The cost of the inspection is 1,700 rubles for a group of students or pensioners and 2,800 rubles for non-privileged categories of citizens. The recording for the next month starts on the tenth day of the current month by phone: +7 (499) 143-95-99 and +7 (495) 745-28-90. There you will be prompted with additional information and will answer the questions of interest.


In addition, you can be on the "Mosfilm"Free of charge and even receive cash. The complex of scenic-staging means of the concern is constantly searching for objects of everyday life of the twentieth century for the design of film sets. Look for well-preserved or rare things on your list at home:

- Children's toys-

- stroller-

- a photo-

- samovar-

- kitchenware-

- Women's costumes-

- men's clothing-

- all kinds of headgear-

- briefcases, bags-

- furniture-

- shoes-

- table lamps, chandeliers, bra-

- ornaments (costume jewelery), cufflinks-

- wrist, wall, floor clocks, alarm clocks-

- carpets-

- a bicycle of the forties-sixties-

- tablecloth of the fifties and seventies-

- tableware of the forties-

- sets of forks, spoons, knives.


If there are any suitable items, callPhone +7 (499) 143-95-29. Tell us what exactly you have. For the most valuable things in excellent condition you will be paid, and for the rest suitable props free of charge organize a tour of the "Mosfilm".

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