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How to earn a share return


How to earn a share return</a>

A person who bought shares of an enterprise has the right to be called an investor.

And since he has thus acquired a part of the business of this enterprise, he now fully shares both the risks of profit and part of the enterprise's profits.

You will need

  • - shares-
  • - The certificate.



An investor can receive an income from investments in Shares Enterprises in two ways: first, you can directly be a holder of shares and receive income in the form of dividends, and secondly, you can resell the securities and also make a profit.


Income in the form of dividends is called part of the netProfits of the joint-stock company. As a holder of shares, you are entitled to your share of income. The amount of net profit from the company's revenues is distributed among shareholders in proportion to the number of shares in their ownership.


Dividends are accrued and issued for a specificThe past period (usually a year). And directly the amount of dividends is approved at the general meeting of shareholders. However, even at the acquisition stage, you need to know that Shares There are ordinary and privileged. Holders of preferred shares of JSCs guarantee receipt of the established amount of dividends, as well as priority and priority in obtaining property in case of liquidation of this joint-stock company.


As for the receipt of income from resaleSecurities, then these assets can be sold both on the stock exchange, the enterprise itself or other shareholders of the given company. The procedures for the purchase and sale of company shares are reflected in the shareholder register, which also constantly takes into account changes in the list of asset owners.


It should be noted that changes to this registerCan be made only up to a certain fixed date. Therefore, dividends can be paid only to the owner who holds the assets as of the closing date of the register. In other words, those shareholders who owned assets, but resold Shares Enterprises at least one day before the closing date of the register or purchased them on the day after that date, unfortunately, are not entitled to receive income for the past period (usually a year).


If you are a holder of a privateJoint-stock company, then the first right to purchase your assets is owned by other shareholders. This means that in the case of the sale of assets, you must offer to purchase Shares Other shareholders of this company. Only in case of their refusal you can offer your Shares To third parties.

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