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How to obtain German citizenship, without renouncing Russian

How to obtain German citizenship, without renouncing Russian

Get German nationality is not so easy today.

It is not enough to live on its territory of 8 years,speak the German language, have a steady income and not to be tried, still need to be tested for knowledge of the culture, history and politics of the system.


For starters wishing to become a legitimate Germancitizens should submit a special application, you need to do is to take the form online or immigration authorities in the prefecture. Fill in the application will have each family member, including children (for minors, a document filled with legal representatives). After the submission of the application will need to pay the fee, which will vary in value: for children less, and adults more. It is worth noting that the fee may be reduced if the family many children and needy applicant.
Application form is quite broad and includesa lot of personal questions. So, it is necessary to tell what political and religious beliefs you hold, than carried away, how much money you would like to make, explain why you have chosen Germany to their residence and why you do not live on see on residence.

After submitting the application, which was, perhaps, the very easy step, it is necessary to be considered, and it would require to comply with certain conditions.


So, wishing to live in Germanymust have a visa, it is desirable to indefinite. Otherwise, you must pre-specify the consulate about additional conditions of registration of citizenship, in relation to your visa type.
Accommodation continuously on the territory of Germanyfor 8 years, as mentioned above, it is also required. The next condition is that the applicant has a steady income and not receiving unemployment benefits. In this case, there is no need to work with the whole family. So, the husband can earn income, and his wife sitting at home, doing household or children, while they are both able to obtain citizenship. This is called total consideration of the application.
We'll have to go through and charming test levelpossession of the host country language. When you need to give up the nationality of their country of origin, and if you come to Germany not from the native state, have to provide proof of the lack of citizenship or residence permit in the country where you entered.
Refusing the existing RussianCitizenship is not necessary for those who enter the country for family reunification or restores historical roots. In addition to the simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship in this category will be given and measures of social support.

document Review

When considering the package of documents employeesGermany's Office for Migration determines not only their authenticity and the actual match, but a verdict if the new citizen of the country with the necessary education, profession, habits, lifestyle and goals.

The process of obtaining citizenship in Germany takes about a year.

In case of positive consideration of the applicationissued a special paper, which guarantees citizenship. With a certified set of documents and the guarantee must be addressed to the consulate and wait for clearance of nationality.

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