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How to get from Novgorod to Kaluga


The length between the cities of Nizhny Novgorod - Kaluga is 614 km. Time on the road takes about 7-10 hours.

To get to Novgorod to Kaluga can be by plane, train, bus and private vehicles.

Direct communication between the cities there, to get to your destination can only transfer.

Among the many options, choose the most optimal and appropriate price and travel time.

The trip by public transport

Basically, all the transplant will take place inMoscow. After all, capital is not only located on the way to Kaluga, but also is a major transport interchange. Of course, the first guests of Moscow will be difficult to navigate in it and seriously need to get from one station to another.

The first train departs from Moscow railway stationNovgorod, located on the square. Revolutionary, 2A, in Moscow at 03:20 and arrives at the Yaroslavl Station at 10:30. From the station it is necessary to get to the bus station "Teply Stan" via subway or taxi. There at 11:50 to take the bus to Kaluga. The bus will arrive at your destination at 15:20. Total journey time - 12 hours. The fare on the train reserved seat - p 1500, coupe -. 2700 p on the bus -. 350 p.

To get to Novgorod to Kaluga can be the sameroute, but at other times. So, at 9:30 need to take the train to Moscow and to arrive there at 13:49. To get to the bus station, take the bus at 15:40 and at 19:10 already be in Kaluga. The time spent on the road is 9 hours and 40 minutes. At 14:45 with the Novgorod station in the capital, leaving the famous Peregrine, he arrives in Moscow at 18:40. Next is at 20:20 to take the bus to Kaluga. If you want to ride at night, you have the option to travel by train, departing from Novgorod at 23:30, arriving in Moscow at 06:29 the next day, and transfer to a bus at 08:15.

For those who like to fly, there is an optionfly to Moscow on a plane and out of the capital to Kaluga by train or by bus. Morning flight to Strigino Airport is carried out at 6:05. In a way - 1 hour 5 minutes. Arrives aircraft at Sheremetyevo Airport, there should be access to the bus station "Teply Stan", where the bus departs at 10:10 to Kaluga.

Fly with Strigino can be at 9:00, 9:45, 17:10, 18:10, at 21:40. If you fly the last flight, the aircraft will arrive in Moscow at 22:45. From Sheremetyevo need to get to the Kiev station, where at 05:34 to take the train to Kaluga. trip cost varies from 3,500 p.

Tickets at various different airlines. For example, the price of a ticket from the nearest Aeroflot flight costs from 24000 p.

Who organize bus tours, there is a proposalget to Moscow by bus. With an area of ​​Novgorod railway station bus leaves at 11:00. Arriving at the Kursk railway station in Moscow at 17:40. With the Kursk railway station should walk to the bus station "Teply Stan", and take the bus at 19:10 to Kaluga. Cost of the ticket from the Lower to Moscow is 700 p, from Moscow to Kaluga -. 350 p.

A trip to private vehicles

With the comfort and amenities can be reached to Kalugaby private car. The money will go to fuel about 2,000 p, time on the road -. 7 hours. From Nizhny Novgorod in the direction of Kaluga have to travel on the highway M-7. Drive Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Moscow region, to move down to the Ring Road.

Moscow is famous for its traffic jams. Therefore, you should choose a travel time, so as not to get caught in traffic. The road is free in the morning and after 8 pm.

From there, go on the road A 101, after M-3 and go to Kaluga. Road location is good, sometimes bad quality.

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