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How to get to Sudak from Moscow

How to get to Sudak from Moscow

In recent years, many Russian tourists prefer to vacation in the Crimea, in particular in Sudak.

To date, there are only four ways to get out of the capital in the beautiful mountain town: to overcome the path using the plane, train, bus or your own car.

The plane Sudak

Getting from Moscow to Pike easiest toplane, as long it takes on the order of less than using other modes of transport. At the box office, "Sheremetyevo" International Airport, you need to take a ticket for the flight "Moscow - Simferopol" on the airline "Aeroflot". Flight time will be only 2 hours 10 minutes.
There is also another version of the flight. From "Domodedovo" airport there are two flights of air carriers on the route "Moscow - Simferopol", namely «S7» and «Air Onix". True travel time will be a little longer - 2 hours 25 minutes. Upon arrival to the island need to take the bus "Airport - Bus-2", and from the bus stop "Bus 2" can be reached to Sudak two buses, "Bus-2 - Pike" or "Yevpatoria - Sudak". In both embodiments, the travel time would be 2 hours 5 minutes.


Option rail link should also beconsider when traveling from Moscow to Sudak. However, in this case it is necessary to think in advance on which of the stations more convenient for you to come - Simferopol or Feodosiya. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, namely:

- The distance from the station to the Feodosia Sudak is 56 km from the railway station of Simferopol - 104 km, ie twice as much.
- The road from Feodosiya difficult to Sudak - serpentine, while road links from Simferopol quite free, smooth trail begins just near the serpentine of Sudak.
- Since the Simferopol railway station is considered to be more lively, buses on the route Sudak go through each 15 - 20 minutes from Feodosia same buses depart every hour.

Road route Sudak

For lovers of leisurely drive will be usefula trip on the tourist bus, as in this case, you can enjoy nature along the way. Every day, "Moscow - Sudak" buses leave from the station "Novoyasenevsky". The journey time will take approximately 28 - 29 hours. Of course, you can go the other way, that is to overcome all the way by car, the road will run along the routes, "M2 Crimea" - "E 105" - "E 97". The total time will be approximately 20 hours depending on the speed limit and the vehicle specifications.
It is worth noting that to date, the most optimal and safe air traffic considered. Especially in 2014, the prices for all the flights "Moscow - Simferopol" significantly reduced.

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