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How to get from Moscow to Kazan


How to get from Moscow to Kazan</a>

Kazan is a city located on the territory of Russia and is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In addition to great cultural significance, Kazan has the status of an important and large Volga port at the confluence of the smaller river Kazanka in the Volga.

The main attraction of the city - the Kazan Kremlin - is on the UNESCO list, and a huge number of interested tourists come to see it every year.

But how to get to the Tatar capital from the Russian capital?

Geographical location of Kazan

The capital of Tatarstan is located at the confluenceThe Volga and the Kazanka. The distance from Kazan to Moscow is about 820 kilometers. In the past centuries, this city was a very important cultural and economic point of the Volga region, connecting the Western and Eastern parts of the country. The exact geographical coordinates of Kazan (on the so-called zero kilometer) - 55 ° 47? from. W. 49 ° 06? at. E.

Residents of Kazan - Kazan and Kazanki - lead their lives in time, similar to Moscow, that is, +4 to UTC.

The length of the city from north to south is 29Kilometers, and from the west to the east - 31 kilometers. The length of the length of the city line along the banks of the Volga is 15 kilometers. Residents of the city also have the opportunity to move to the other bank of the longest river in Russia across the bridge, located at the extreme western border of Kazan.

The second river - Kazanka - divides the capital of Tatarstan into two parts: historical and later buildings. Through the river and on the river there are several large and small bridges, as well as dams and crossings.

For an inquisitive tourist it can be interestingAnd the origin of the name of the city. On this account, there are a lot of believable and implausible myths and legends. All is not listed But the most popular one says that one shaman ordered the representatives of the Bulgar people to start the construction of a big city in the place where the boiler with water will boil for no reason.

How to get to Kazan from Moscow?

The fastest way is by the flights of numerous airlines from the capital airports connected by air to the international airport "Kazan".
The way by car between two cities canMake up 13-16 hours, depending on the condition of the roads, the speed of the machine and the presence of traffic jams. To do this, you must follow the route M-7, which runs straight from Moscow and to Kazan through the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions, and then through the republic of Chuvashia to the very borders of Tatarstan. You can get to the M-7 route from the south and south-east sides of the capital.
Direct communication between two citiesIs carried out by trains LLC "Russian Railways" №098, №050, №002, departing from the Kazan railway station of the capital. You can also get to the capital of Tatarstan on the trains going to Ulan-Ude, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Barnaul and many other Russian cities. Therefore, the road from Kazan to Moscow is not difficult to access in the presence of free time, the desire for travel and money for it.

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