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How to get from Kislovodsk to Simferopol

Station Simferopol

The distance between Kislovodsk and Simferopol is 885 km. From the first point in the second direct flight can only be reached by private car.

To get to Simferopol with transfers possible by train and by bus and by plane from Mineralnye Vody from Kislovodsk is located 58 km.

Getting to Simferopol by train and bus

The time specified in the schedule Moscow time. In Simferopol, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, as Moscow time I started to operate.

One of the fastest routes to the train isfollowing three transfers Kislovodsk - Pyatigorsk - Rostov-on-Don - Simferopol. The train is moving from the starting point of the flight 6301 at 04:45. It comes in Pyatigorsk at 06:26. Two hours later, should take the train 829 with a message to Rostov-on-Don, where it arrives at 15:14. Here, from the main train station it is necessary to get to the station "Pervomayskaya" with the help of public transport and at 18:56 to take the train to Simferopol. The final destination of the train arrives on the following day at 11:20. Thus, the time on the road takes 1 day 6 o'clock 35 minutes.

To Simferopol from Kislovodsk can be reachedthrough Moscow. Flight 003S from Kislovodsk leaves at 18:35 and arrives in the capital the next day at 21:10. After 2 hours, the train starts 067M with a direct line Moscow - Simferopol, arrives in the city at 20:25 the next day. Tickets cost to Moscow on a reserved seat about 4100 p., In a compartment of the 5600 r., With a capital of Simferopol to 3800 p, respectively. and 6500 p.

Fans of the bus tour can choose twovariant route to Simferopol. In the first it is necessary to first get to Stavropol, where from Kislovodsk each hour bus ride. From Stavropol at 15:00 should take the bus to the follow up to Sevastopol. The city transport goes about 23 hours. The next day, from Sevastopol bus departs at 20:50 flight 586 to Simferopol, to transport arrives after 4 hours. Total travel time takes 1 day 9 hours and 50 minutes. In the second variant should get to Mineral Waters, where buses go every hour too. It leaves the bus at 09:55 to Rostov-on-Don route 8057. The way the bus spends 9 hours 30 min. In Rostov, the next day at 18:30 a bus departs to Simferopol and arrives at the appointed place at 06:20.

Getting to Simferopol by plane and on private vehicles

Ticket price for economy class in an aircraft is 6500 p. The flight made by the company "Yakutia"

To fly by plane to Simferopol, you shouldcome to Mineralnye Vody airport, where buses leave every hour from the station. From Mineralnye Vody to Simferopol flight departs at 13:00 every Sunday and 21:00 every Thursday. After 2 hours, the plane had already landed in the airport of Simferopol.

In the comfort and quick access to the designatedpoints can be on private vehicles. Time on the road non-stop takes about 12 hours. Fuel consumption is on average 25 - 30 liters. Of course, many of the taxi service Kislovodsk offer long-distance flights, but it is too expensive.

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