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How to get from Boryspil airport in Kyiv

How to get from Boryspil airport in Kyiv

The main airport of Ukraine is located in Borispol, which is approximately 30 km from Kiev.

It serves almost 65% of the total number of passengers of international flights of the country.

Its two runways can cater for up to 600 flights a day. From one terminal to the other free buses.

There are several ways to travel from the airport "Borispol" in the center of Kiev.

Special buses

The simplest and easiest way to get fromBoryspil to Kiev - take advantage of service around the clock Sky Bus, or "Flying". White and purple bus with company inscription on board for an hour will take you to the city center (in the absence of traffic jams). The final stop - South Station. The interval between flights depends on the time of day. It generally ranges from 20 to 40 minutes. Boarding takes place in front of Terminal B. In the presence of congestion on the roads, you can reach the metro station, Kharkiv and continue their journey by subway. Cost of the ticket for the bus the airport "Borispol" - Kyiv - 40 hryvnia, the cost of tokens Metro - 2 hryvnia. Tickets are sold directly from the driver when boarding or Sky Bus service site.

Municipal buses

The most budget-lasting option and willa trip to the municipal bus. The bus stop №16 (3c) and №2 is located next to the terminal B, not far from the parking lot. On reaching the stop street Leningrad, you will need to change trains. After moving to the opposite side of the street should sit in taxis №№318, 317, 316, to get to Boryspil metro station, and then you can use the subway in any direction. The road will cost you nerves - without counting money - 7.5 hryvnia, and time - 2-3 hours. Tickets for this "attraction" is selling bus driver.


The most comfortable is considered to be a trip ofBoryspil airport in Kyiv by taxi. The official carrier in the airport "Borispol" is a service of Sky Taxi, whose cars are usually at the exit of the terminal, offering their services to arriving guests. Such a trip into the city center will cost 250-300 hryvnia. It is much cheaper to use the pre-order the car that will be waiting for you in the parking lot at the appointed hour. Coordinates taxi services can be found after arrival, they are usually located at the information desks, which are located inside the terminals. Order and feeding machine will take approximately 15 minutes of your time that will pay the price. Here, rates start from 120 hryvnia, and from the airport to Central Station can be reached in 35 minutes per.


The fastest and luxurious mode of transport on theroute Borispol - Kiev is a helicopter. In just 15-20 minutes and $ 2,500, you will find yourself in the desired point. This type of movement is now popular among businessmen and politicians who value their time. The indisputable advantages of this method are comfort and speed, in addition, the transfer fee is automatically included a wonderful view of the city and an unforgettable experience.

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