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How to get free blood glucose meter for diabetes

How to get a free blood glucose meter for diabetes

Self-control is an important part of diabetes treatment. To measure blood sugar levels at home using the meter.

In some cases, the patient may receive the device is free.

Diabetes management requirescertain financial expenses. The costs include the purchase of the meter and test strips. Normal blood glucose meter is 1000-2000 rubles each study blood sugar - 10-25 rubles. Current diabetes standards of care are not intended to provide free glucometers. However, some patients are given a present device to various programs.

The meter in the present place of residence

Patients with diabetes are observed in the district hospital endocrinologist, internist or general practitioner.

See your doctor at the district hospital patient with diabetes must be 1 time per month.

Your doctor can help get a free blood glucose meter in the presence of such a possibility.
Some municipal budgets allocate funds for the purchase of equipment for diabetics. Unfortunately, such programs are not available in all regions of Russia.
In addition, some manufacturersIt provides their products for free, as a gift to further increase the sales of test strips. Representatives of the companies most often transmit blood glucose meters for royalty-free distribution to physicians in clinics.

Meter as a gift to the regional center

In many large cities of Russia organized a specialized diabetes center. On the basis of these hospitals patients can be screened and trained.

Doctors sometimes have Diabetes Centerthe ability to transmit the meter as a gift to a patient from the manufacturer. Large companies interested in distributing their products, it is often interact with the doctors of the regional hospital.

Promotions manufacturers

To increase sales, many companies carry out promotions, including the distribution of free glucose meters. For information about these events can be obtained from the treating physician and the company's website.

Typically, the action carried out in pharmacies and stores of medical equipment.

Free meter from the manufacturer may be issued on the acquisition of test strips or when the other conditions.

Charity Organisations

Various charities havecare of patients with diabetes mellitus. For free meter is necessary to know what foundations and societies operating in your area. The most active charitable organizations support privileged categories of citizens (orphans, the disabled, members of hostilities).
Every year, November 14 is World Diabetes Day. The majority of shares, including providing for free distribution of blood glucose meters, are confined to this date.

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