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How to get a driver's license


How to get a driver's license</a>

Obtaining and replacing driver's licensesIs regulated by Government Decree No. 1396 and Order No. 782 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In order to obtain a driving license, you should contact the regional department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and collect a number of documents.

For residents of large cities provides a simplified procedure for obtaining or replacing the rights to drive a vehicle.

It consists in the fact that you can apply to any traffic police, regardless of the area of ​​residence.

You will need

  • - application-
  • - document on training-
  • - paid receipts-
  • - personal driver's card-
  • - a passport or other document proving identity-
  • - medical certificate-
  • - 4 photos-
  • - certificate with expired validity.



If you have just completed a course or an academicInstitution, where the training course of theory and practice of driving passed, contact the traffic police, fill out the application form of the unified form. Present the document on the completion of the training course on driving and theory, your passport or other identity document. To obtain a certificate, you will also need 4 3x4 photographs with the left corner, a receipt for payment for the driver's license Certification And for the surrender of theoretical and practical examinations, a medical certificate with expired validity.


If you are prepared for driving a carIndependently and studied the rules of the road, that is, if you do not have a document on the completion of courses or an educational institution, then present all the specified documents. In addition, you will need a form from the registration and examination department of the traffic police driver's license card and the form of the examination card. To allow you to take exams, you will be offered a theoretical and practical exam.


To obtain international rights, thoseThe same documents as are indicated. If you do not have a permanent registration, then additionally present a certificate from the place of residence about the temporary registration. To obtain international rights, you do not need to take exams.


To obtain rights with expired validity period, you must apply to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, in addition to the specified documents, to show the rights that have expired. Examination is also not required.


If you lost Certification Or you have been stolen, then you will receive a duplicate, but only after 2 months, which will be required to verify the information, are you not deprived of the rights. For 2 months you will receive a temporary Certification, On which you can drive a vehicle.

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