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How to obtain a driver's license

How to get a driver's license

Production and replacement of driving licensesregulated by government decree number 1396 and the Order of the Ministry of Interior number 782. To get a driver's license, you should contact the district traffic police department and collect a number of documents.

For residents of large cities a simplified procedure for obtaining or replacing the rights to drive a motor vehicle.

It consists in the fact that you can apply to any traffic, regardless of area of ​​residence.

You will need

  • - zayavlenie-
  • - The document on obuchenii-
  • - Paid kvitantsii-
  • - Personal card voditelya-
  • - Passport or other document proving lichnost-
  • - Medical Help-
  • - 4 photos-
  • - License expired.



If you have just graduated from a training course orinstitution where took place a training course in the theory and practice driving, contact the traffic police, fill in the application form a unified form. Present document on completion of the training course on driving and theory, your passport or other identity document. To obtain a license as required 4 photos 3x4 with the left angle of the driver's receipt for payment certificate and for taking the theoretical and practical examinations, medical certificate is not expired.


If you are prepared to drive vehiclesindependently and learned rules of the road, that is, if you do not have a document of completion of courses or educational institution, you shall pay all such documents. Additionally, you will need the form of registration and examination department of the traffic police the driver's card and the form of the examination card. To have admitted to the exam, you will be asked to take a test theoretical and practical exam.


For international rights are requiredsame documents are listed. If you do not have permanent registration, it shall pay an additional proof of residence of temporary registration. For international rights you do not need exams.


For rights of expired, you must contact the traffic police, in addition to these documents, present law, the validity of which has expired. The exams are not required.


If you have lost certificate or have it stolen, you will be given a duplicate, but only in 2 months, that would be required to verify the information if you are deprived of their rights. At the time you get 2 months certificateOn which you will be able to drive a vehicle.

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